It Was All The Cat's Fault It Was All The Cat's Fault
Book 2 - The Meet Cute Series

It Was All The Cat's Fault

A romantic comedy

    • 4.1 • 174 Ratings

Publisher Description

An opposites attract, meet cute, confirmed bachelorette, hot handyman, laugh out loud, romcom from award-winning Elizabeth SaFleur.
Super independent Eve can juggle work, school and a fixer-upper house just fine with a little help from YouTube. Well, she could, if her beloved cat, Thor, would stop getting into trouble—like getting stuck behind the walls. Thankfully, plumbers make house calls at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning.

Enter hot handyman Brent who not only has all the power tools she needs, he looks like the God Thor. A mountain of muscle with movie-star hair, shining green eyes, and a perfectly scruffed, chiseled jaw. Just great. This confirmed bachelorette doesn’t have time for all the lusty neediness rising where it should not be rising.

Eve reminds herself and her weakening knees that she’s a strong, independent woman determined to make it without anyone’s help. But as more renovation and cat-astrophes pile on, she finds her fingers doing the walking to call Brent to her rescue.

And she has to decide if keeping Brent at arm’s length fits her life plan, or if it’s the biggest miscalculation she’s ever made.

It doesn’t help Thor seems to be in cahoots with Brent when it comes to setting up steamy romantic moments between them.

If you love books by Pippa Grant, Tessa Bailey and Meghan Quinn, you’ll love this steamy, laugh out loud romcom with one hot handyman and a confirmed bachelorette.

October 8
Elizabeth SaFleur LLC
Elizabeth SaFleur

Customer Reviews

R Starchman ,

It Was All The Cats Fault by Elizabeth SaFeur

This was a great book and the first I’ve read by this author . The problems that Eve kept throwing up to keep herself independent almost lost her Brent . These two finally reached a point where they could be honest about how they felt about what was wrong with their relationship . But they finally reached their HEA.

River Quest ,

It Was All the Cat’s Fault

I like cats or I wouldn’t have bothered reading any of this juvenile effort at writing. After seven chapters of wondering about the author’s age and maturity level, I gave up.

E. Pennington ,

The Feline Matchmaker

Eve is kind of an uptight planner, strong, independent, extremely organized, an eye always on the goal. Brent is laid back, fun, easy-going, and maybe just what she needs. Fortunately, she has a cat to bring her into the world of chaos.

As Eve decides to renovate her fixer-upper home, Thor assists by getting himself stuck in the walls. In a panic, Eve needs a plumber in the wee hours of the morning to rescue her cat. Brent is reliable and always seems to be there whenever she needs him after their initial contact. Can he convince the independent woman that he could fit right into her life and make them both happy? With a little help from Thor, the two of them are definitely up to the task.

Those of us who love cats or have lived with them can appreciate Thor’s antics. I couldn’t stop smiling. The story is filled with humor, romance, and adventure, and I loved every minute of it. Grab your copy and see how things turn out for them.

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