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RARE:  Rescue and Retrieval Extractions

             -they took on the missions that

              no one else wanted and did not

              stop until the job was done


As the technology expert for RARE, Jaxson Lahey spends most of his time on a computer, hunting down everything he can on the team’s enemy, the General. Focused on the mission, he doesn’t have time for anything else, which is fine with him. All he cares about is finding justice for the people he considers his family after the hell they’d been through. Until she enters his dreams.

A prisoner of a man she considers the devil himself for the past year, Raven Dreher has almost given up hope of ever seeing the light of day again. She lives in fear, with constant pain beating at her, but she refuses to give into what the General wants. She would rather pass on into the next life than give up her people. All she can do is pray her suffering will come to an end soon. Then, she hears his voice. 

Jaxson is driven by an uncontrollable need to find the woman in his dreams and save her. Raven is hoping her prayers have been answered by the voice promising he is coming for her. Will Jaxson be able to find Raven before the General makes his move, or is it truly time for Raven to see what the next life has in store for her?

Dawn Sullivan's RARE Series and White River Wolves Series are intertwined, and meant to be read in the following order:

Nico’s Heart (RARE Book 1)

Phoenix’s Fate (RARE Book 2)

Josie’s Miracle (White River Wolves Book 1)

Trace’s Temptation (RARE Book 3)

Slade’s Desire (White River Wolves Book 2)

Saving Storm (RARE Book 4)

Angel’s Destiny (RARE Book 5)

Janie’s Salvation (White River Wolves Book 3)

Sable's Fire (White River Wolves Book 4)

Jaxson's Justice (RARE Book 6)

February 26
Dawn Sullivan
Dawn Sullivan

Customer Reviews

Annie13:) ,

So good!

Another five star book by Dawn Sullivan.

Raven has been in The Generals clutches for over a year. After being sold by her parents Raven has been in a life of horror since. Though she may have been beat and broken down, she never once shifted, therefore ticking The General and his lackeys off. Raven was loyal to her King.

Jaxson is a key member of the elite RARE group and a pack member of the White River Wolves. He is a wolf shifter and also realizes he can walk in dreams. That is how he knows he’s found his mate when he dreams of her and talks with her. Knowing she is Dax and Rubi’s sister. He wants to find her and to keep her safe. To get her away from the pain she is suffering through.

We follow as we watch how loyal the RARE group and WRW are about helping to get one of their own back safely. We also watch as Jinx helps even though he works with the enemy. He has a loyalty to his Mom and group.

This story is angsty and will have your heart beating fast. As always you are hooked from the very beginning to the last page. And you are also left wanting to know what will happen next. I love how we get a complete story but then we are so consumed. Y every character that we need to know what happens next. Dawn definitely takes us on an amazing ride.

Highly recommended.

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