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RARE:  Rescue and Retrieval Extractions

             -they took on the missions that

              no one else wanted and did not

              stop until the job was done


Barely escaping death after her last battle against the General, Rikki Diamond spent the past five months in a coma. Five months of pain, despair, darkness, and most of all… anger. Now that she’s finally returned to the land of the living, she has an uncontrollable rage building inside of her, urging her wolf to take over. Feeling abandoned by her mate when she needed him most, Rikki must fight to keep her emotions in check. A battle she is beginning to feel she will lose. Her mate… her team… no one is safe.


After the General’s men got to his mate, Jeremiah Black decided he was finished watching from the outside and took matters into his own hands. Having gone undercover while his mate lay in a hospital bed, he began working his way up in the ranks, getting deeper and deeper into the General’s organization. He has one goal in mind, and not even the changing circumstances will keep him from completing his mission; destroying the General’s entire organization, even if he has to pick them off one by one. 

The tides are changing with the shift of power. Will Rikki and Jeremiah be able to make it out alive? Or will Jeremiah walk into a trap on his first solo mission, leaving Rikki to the anger raging inside of her?

Dawn Sullivan's RARE Series and White River Wolves Series are intertwined, and meant to be read in the following order:

Nico’s Heart (RARE Book 1)

Phoenix’s Fate (RARE Book 2)

Josie’s Miracle (White River Wolves Book 1)

Trace’s Temptation (RARE Book 3)

Slade’s Desire (White River Wolves Book 2)

Saving Storm (RARE Book 4)

Angel’s Destiny (RARE Book 5)

Janie’s Salvation (White River Wolves Book 3)

Sable's Fire (White River Wolves Book 4)

Jaxson's Justice (RARE Book 6)

Rikki’s Awakening (RARE Book 7)

March 19
Dawn Sullivan
Dawn Sullivan

Customer Reviews

Annie13:) ,


Another amazing book in the RARE series by Dawn Sullivan.

Rikki is finally waking up and is learning to come to grips with her inner wolf. We follow as she tries to figure things out with the help of her family and pack. We also get a look at how she is upset about her mate not being there. But when he does come, things get better and hotter.

Jeremiah is in deep. All he wants is revenge. But when he sneaks out and visits his mate everything changes. He knows he has to stay by Rikki’s side from here on out. We get the action and the romance that we expect from Dawn and the stories are so beautiful. I love it when the mates finally come together. It’s such a beautiful thing.

Highly recommended.

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