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There are universal laws of selling that determine whether you succeed, or don’t succeed — whether you earn enough to enjoy the lifestyle you want or struggle to make ends meet. When you align the wind with your sails, you move effortlessly across the water. When your sails are out of alignment, you flounder and go nowhere. If you align your thinking and actions with these powerful laws of selling, you will be more effective and efficient. You will encounter less friction, require less energy, and get bigger results faster.

Here's a sampling of Jeffrey’s 21.5 Laws of Selling: 

• Deliver Value First

• Ask Before Telling

• Communicate in Terms of Them

• Become Your Own Brand

• Earn Referrals and Testimonials without Asking

• Create Loyal Customers

These 21.5 Laws are the rock foundation of selling. They may be invisible but they are undeniable — and unbreakable.

If you're just getting started in selling, you will find the Laws invaluable. Whether or not you learn them and follow them will make or break your career. If you’ve been in sales for a while, you will find yourself saying, "I haven’t been doing that." "I knew that! How did forget?"

When we break the Laws we pay the price. Our sales suffer. Our bank account takes a hit. It’s an effort to get out of bed and make a sales call, to do our best work — work that is aligned with the Laws. Use Jeffrey’s Laws of Selling to recharge your enthusiasm and redirect your actions back to what really works.

Business & Personal Finance
September 3
Bard Press
Gitgo, LLC

Customer Reviews

Illusionmaster ,

Relevant, Up to date Advice

Jeffrey once again does a fantastic job of speaking with wit and simplistic wisdom to enhance ones sales acuity and desire to become more successful. This book opened my eyes to the true paradigm shift in how important it is for us to embrace social media on multiple levels. This is a fairly quick read but is well worth highlighting and rereading. I have read several of Gitomer's other books and he does a great job of keeping it fresh and relevant.

Massive Revenue Reaper ,


Spot on! Ready to get started! For anybody searching for sure fire sales laws to live by, this is the book...your search is over! Time to get busy. Thanks Jeffrey. Another awesome book indeed!

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