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Discover how the global financial plague is poised to return, and what can be done to stop it
This is not your father's financial system. Jimmy Stewart, the trustworthy, honest banker in the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, is dead. And so is his small-town bank, Bailey Savings & Loan. Instead, we're watching It's a Horrible Mess with Wall Street (aka the Vegas Strip) playing ever larger craps with our economy and our tax dollars.

This book, written by one of the world's most respected economist, describes in lively, humorous, simple, but also deadly serious terms the big con underlying the big game?the web of interconnected financial, political, and regulatory malfeasance that culminated in financial meltdown and brought us to our economic knees. But it also proposes an amazingly simply solution?Limited Purpose Banking to make Wall Street safe for Main Street.
This book, as well as the financial fix described within it, have received rave reviews from a veritable who's who of policymakers and economics, plus five economics Nobel Laureates Written by a leading economist whose insights on this topic are unparalleled Outlines the first and only proposal to fundamentally fix our financial disaster for good
Jimmy Stewart Is Dead will fundamentally change the way you think about the economy, financial markets, and the government.

Business & Personal Finance
February 18
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Ken Christensen ,

A Thought Provoking Read

There can be no doubt that our current financial system, and the government are broken and bankrupt respectively. The ideas presented in this book are an excellent start to the inevitable debate on how to correct the future direction of both. While we may differ on the nuance of filling out the necessary clean slate, we agree completely that the risk of doing nothing, or of trying to fix the current systems, is greater than starting from scratch with everything new.

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