Just an Illusion - Encore Just an Illusion - Encore
Book 5 - The Illusion Series

Just an Illusion - Encore

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Publisher Description

Sawyer Weston has done the unthinkable—he’s fallen for his brother's girl. He’d never purposefully hurt Noah, but that’s exactly what’s going to happen if he can’t get Amelia out of his system. 

A stolen kiss between them finally brings Sawyer to his senses. No matter how much he wants her, Amelia has made her choice. 

When tragedy strikes, Sawyer finds himself taking on more responsibility than he ever imagined. Can Sawyer remain the rock his family needs in their time of crisis? Or will he succumb to his deepest desires and fall in love with Amelia all over again? 

Just an Illusion – Encore is the conclusion to Sawyer Weston’s story. Every thought, every feeling, are yours for the taking. Are you ready?

Encore is the fifth book in The Illusion Series - please be sure to read the previous books before Encore. 

November 19
Dee Kelly
Dee Kelly

Customer Reviews

JessElliston27 ,

Absolutely amazing! I have no words!

I just wanted to say that this series was probably one of the best series I’ve ever read and I’ve read a lot lol! I’ve never read anything quite like these books before. I’ve read different books where a spouse, family member, or friend has passed away and it never affect me like this did. I’ll be honest, it almost made me physically ill. The writing in this especially during Noah and Belle’s deaths was so raw and real. It was like I was there with them experiencing that pain. It’s insane! I feel like I sound crazy but I truly haven’t had a series of books or any book for that matter make me as emotional as this series did. I loved Noah and Mel together. Noah was so kind and considerate of others and I just adored him for that. Usually when I read a book where there is a good guy VS bad boy I always want to pull for the bad guy because it’s always great to see someone whom is rough on the edges break down and find love and become someone better. But I was pulled to Noah more in the beginning. I wanted him with Amelia. But after his death and watching how Sawyer and Amelia completed one another in a deeper kind of way, they just seemed more right together than Noah and Amelia did. However, I hate that Noah had to die. It just broke my heart. The entire accident broke my heart. This series was amazing. I just can’t say that enough! I’m currently reading Sawyers point of view of things and am enjoying his side. Although I am at the part where Noah and Belle just passed & it’s bringing back that raw feeling. But all of these books are just amazing. I truly can’t say it enough!

Hmitch76 ,

Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Just an Illusion - Encore is the fifth book in the Illusion series. You must read the others first. Encore was the continuation of the story from Sawyers point of view. It was really well written and kept my interest the whole thing through. This series has been one of my all time favorites. You’d think with five books things would get monotonous, but it never does. It was nice to see what Sawyer was thinking when certain things were going on. It makes him so much more likeable and relatable. I loved the way he loved everyone, but especially Nate. His love for his brothers son was heartbreakingly beautiful. I was happy to see Mel, Sawyer, Nate, and their family get a happily ever after. I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole series and can’t what to read the side characters stories in the future.

Cool pink ice ,

fantastic Ribbon tie on this amazing series

Truly enjoyed this book. I’ve been team Sawyer since book 1. Even though we already read this story from Princess’s point of view, I loved reading Sawyer’s thoughts. It didn’t feel like a repeat. It was so nice seeing his insecurities. I knew going in this was an emotional read but it still didn’t prepare me. Dee wrote a fantastic love story exploring this forbidden type of love. Loved that epilogue. It was a fantastic Ribbon tie on this amazing series

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