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Pretending to be his twin was never going to be easy, but falling in love with a woman who doesn’t know his real name is a different level of complicated.


In his first assignment as an Indie Rebel, Kallan needs to pretend to be his twin brother, a hacker attempting to shake off his past in the underworld. When Kallan starts dating the woman of his dreams, he has no choice but to make her think he is his twin. Telling her the truth could do more than end their relationship—it could put her in the line of fire.


For Isla, life is finally looking up. Not only is her law practice up for an endorsement from an influential businessman, she is also dating the most wonderful, sweet, and gorgeous man. Things might have gotten off on the wrong foot—she initially thought she was more into his twin brother. But the more time Isla spends with her Mr. Right, the more she believes in Happily Ever Afters…until people start asking questions, and the answers don’t add up. So, how well does Isla really know the man who stole her heart?


Kallan: The Switch can be read as a standalone novel or as book 4 of the Indie Rebels series, where steamy, heart-melting romance meets danger, mystery and suspense.

Indie Rebels Series:

Book 1: Xavier: The Contract

Book 2: Jaxon: The Assignment

Book 3: Bryce: The Project

Book 4: Kallan: The Switch

Book 5: Aidan: The Rescue

Book 6: Kerrod: The Redemption

April 24
MPC Romance Publishing
MPC Romance Publishing

Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,


ARC for honest review with no compensation received from BookSprout

Kallan:The Switch is book 4 in the Indie Rebels series by Miranda Charles and another great book. This book is a standalone but reading them in order gives you a better understanding of the series.

Kallan and Kerrod are identical twins, Kallan becomes an Indie Rebel but he has to appear to be his brother, who is a hacker and at one time was part of the underworld but not by his choice. What happens next will keep you on the edge of your seat, falling for the woman of your dreams but she thinks you are your brother, secrets, lies and mystery are just some of what is happening when switching identities...

Cheryl SDS ,

Characters need better balance!

3.5 Stars
This is book 4 in the Indie Rebels series and it features Kallan and Isla. My feelings towards this book are split. The first half was spent with Kallan attracted to Isla but moving at such a slow pace it was rather boring. The second half was with both of them moving fast and dirty. It was like watching four completely different people. The first half wasn’t enough and the second half was a bit over the top. The story line was great, as are all the Indie Rebel books so far, but the two main characters in this story need some balance. The action, suspense and secrecy the Indie Rebels bring to the adventure pulls you into the story and doesn’t let go until the end!

mj_toth ,

Amazing romance with a fabulous mystery

Wonderful love at first sight romance. When Kallan saw Isla at the grocery store, he was caught, immediately feeling an intense attraction for a woman he didn’t even know. As a PI, you would have thought he would have asked for her name but he didn’t. To his surprise, he meets her again at his father’s house but she has latched on to his twin brother, Kerrod. Isla was drawn to the man in the grocery store parking lot and is surprised when he doesn’t recognize her. Boy, is she shocked to learn there are two of them. This becomes a challenge since she feels an attraction to Kallan and not Kerrod. Kallan is pulled into a secret investigation by the Indie Rebels which has him posing as his brother Kerrod but when Isla suddenly ends up in the middle, well, Kallan’s romantic life is tested. He is falling for this woman but she believes he is Kerrod. Is there any way for this couple to end up together? Or will the lies be too much to overcome? I love the mystery behind the Indie Rebels. Kallan and Isla are a great couple. I love Isla’s strength and determination when she is faced with challenging situations.

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