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After the loss of her husband several years ago tore her world apart, Harper Daley quit her job in the city and moved to Serenity Springs where she built the ranch she had always dreamed of. New Hope Ranch is her life now, as are the troubled teens who live there. When one of the children goes missing, Harper calls the one man she never thought she would see again to ask for help.


Nathan Brentworth is the best undercover agent the FBI has. He lived for the job, and only the job, until he met Harper. When he was with her, he felt things that he’d never felt before. But after he placed the lives of the children she cared for in danger, she kicked him off the ranch, telling him there was no hope for a future between them. Now she needed his help, and he was not going to tell her no.

When Nathan and Harper are drawn into something more deadly than either of them could have imagined, will Nathan be able to ignore his feelings for her, and keep his focus where it needs to be? Will Harper be able to forgive him for his past mistake? Most importantly, will they make it out alive?

January 29
Dawn Sullivan
Dawn Sullivan

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Annie13:) ,

So good!

Harper has a heart of gold. She left her job in the city to begin her life in Serenity Springs and to help all the children she could. When no one wants these kids, Harper does and she helps them and gives them hope. When she needs help she can only think of one person that she knows can do the job, Nathan.

Nathan is FBI. He’s an undercover agent who is amazing at his job. When he left Serenity Springs he left behind his heart. He fell for Harper even under the guise of someone else. His feelings never wavered. And now she needs his help. He will be there for her.

We follow these two as they try and find Nickolas. But what they don’t know is that the danger is high. Really high. Nathan swears to find him and to protect Harper. When things get tough their love helps them cope and helps them to find Nicholas. Together they are strong and have the love everyone needs.

Dawn always writes such heartfelt stories and this is another one of them.

I would recommended any romance reader.

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