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Lord Kendal Grant is a self-centered egotistical nightmare. He is also a solid gold genius when it comes to his music.

But his muse has fled, and he is left fending off fools who would have him compose music just like Mozart. Kendal hates Mozart with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.

Mercy Wood has no time for bad boy egos, she simply needs to make enough money to pay the rent. Kendal Grant is just another wealthy musician with money to burn. If he wants his piano tuned every day, she will gladly take his coin.

But when Kendal tries to stiff her with his payment, he quickly discovers he has met his match. She is Mercy in name only. She demands an extra payment. Her price a single kiss.

A kiss which when claimed, is scorching and takes them both by surprise. Kendal's muse is awakened at the touch of a woman far beneath his social status.

With Mercy's inspiration, Kendal begins to create music which will set him on the path to being one of the greatest composers of all time.

Her love also makes him question everything else in his life. But his wish to make her his wife becomes a near impossibility when an unexpected turn of events places him directly in line to become the next Duke of Banfield. A piano tuner's daughter could never be a duchess.

The Noble Lords. Stories of war-scarred English lords who are bad boy musicians and the women who dare to love them.

Kendal is a standalone book in the Noble Lords series.

April 14
Sasha Cottman
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

kkaarreenn ,

My Favorite Regency Rockstar Book!

Sasha Cottman’s Regency Rockstar Series finishes with the story of Kendal Grant and Mercy Wood. Even though they may be from different worlds, they share a love of music and a unique musical gift. While fighting to resist the attraction they feel, they find they are stronger and better when together. The road for them is not easy but each comes to realize they were meant for each other. This is my favorite book in the Rockstar Romance Series. I love Sasha Cottman’s books and look forward to reading more!

Peg1951 ,

Good Story

What’s worse than Mozart? Losing the woman you love. Lord Kendal Grant is the arrogant, egocentric son of a duke and a musical genius. Mercy Wood is the daughter of a piano tuner. Kendal is stricken the moment he meets Mercy. They love the same instrument, music, composers, and each other. When a family scandal results in Kendal being the duke’s heir, marriage to Mercy goes from difficult to seemingly impossible, especially after the duke interferes. When Lavinia discovers Kendal in the aftermath of a haircutting, music ripping drunken tantrum, she reveals a secret that changes everything. Can Kendal (with support from his mother and sister) convince his father that Mercy is the right woman for him? Is it too late? Will Mercy marry another man?

Each of the stories in this series is unique and entertaining. Kendal’s story is no exception. He and Mercy are perfect for each other. She will ground him and keep him humble (well just a little humble). He will keep her in comfortable boots. I enjoyed their story. I like that Kendal learned that he could find support in both his families – the Grants and the Noble Lords. I recommend Kendal and the other Noble Lords - our Regency Rockstars.

Suz Clark ,

Great cover

Kendal is the fourth book in the Regency Rockstars Series by Sasha Cottman. I have enjoyed most of these books - Owen being my favorite. But this one has a plot that is just too ludicrous to swallow - a man of wealth and title falls in love with a piano tuner/bar singer. I had been looking forward to Kendal Grant's story. Part of the magic of historical romance is being swept away into another world for a brief escape. But when that world borders on the implausible, it makes the story impossible to enjoy. I shake my head in disbelief instead of sighing over the heart-pounding romance. Cottman has several explicit scenes in the book. Just not my cup of tea. I was given a copy of this book.

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