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'Keys to Music Theory 1D’ provides a more exciting, fun, and colourful approach to Music Theory.  It is an ideal resource for either the 21st century instrumentalist or singer, or the simply curious listener, of any age.

This book, the fourth in our 'bite-size series', has been born out of the more extensive primer / textbook Keys to Music Theory 1, and is a smaller volume covering the fourth topic of the four in that book.  It is a step by step guide to ’time and metre’.  This topic requires a working knowledge of notation - covered in 'Keys to Music Theory 1A'.  

The pages are full of clear and concise explanations, supported by bold and imaginative illustrations and diagrams, enlightening audio files, interactives and animations. There are popovers containing extra information, an extensive and detailed glossary, regular quiz questions throughout, and study cards to help with self-testing. 

What is covers: 

.    the beat / pulse - its purpose, and its varying strength within each bar 

.    tempo - the pattern of symbols, and what they mean 

.    time as metre - the number of beats in a bar, and the rhythms that can be accommodated  

.    the time signature - what is is, and what it tells us

.    irregular beamings - why they exist, and how they should be performed

The author, Jane Emmanuel, has been teaching classical singing and music theory to both children and adults for over 30 years.  This series of books has arisen from her long experience of communicating these concepts to countless students reluctant to even begin this amazing journey. 

Mark Proctor’s design has been key in helping to transform this subject from the perceived ‘dull and boring’, and maybe even a little ’scary’, into a vivid, stimulating, and much more enjoyable experience.

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September 10
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