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Book 2 in the Council of Three series sees Amy, lost in a sandstorm, saved by the One Who Tests. It seems that on other planets God is more directly involved in the lives of humans.
Amy meets a baby alien that she is to take to Earth. That seems to be a condition of their travelling from Earth into the galaxy. The baby alien spider is already four feet across from claw to claw and growing! They aren’t given an option to say no.
Returning to Earth, Amy takes the baby spider to university with her, hiding it in her dorm room. Babysitting an alien turns out to be a full time job. Someone takes a movie of the spider, and it only gets worse after that. Amy discovers that a baby spider is the least of her troubles. The staff that the old priest gave her is changing her physically; she heals faster and has more energy, but it gives her strange dreams and nightmares. Also, the criminals and the government watch and follow her, and the criminals have decided to act.
Warned by an alien, Amy runs from the criminals but she is stopped, kidnapped, drugged, and tortured for her knowledge on how to travel to other planets. She is to be killed, but the government rescues her before that can happen. Unfortunately the government decides to lock Amy, Paul and Frank up and throw away the key! Given powers by the staff, which is now talking to Amy in strange two word sentences, she uses shields to escape from the seventh floor of the hospital where she is being held.
Paul and Frank are warned and escape capture. Now they all have to travel across the US without being found by the criminals or the government, but they only have 48 hours to get to their rendezvous. Once they’re together they still have to get off Earth. Unfortunately, the military have occupied the area around the pillar, the only known way off Earth.
Add to those troubles, aliens think that Earth is the most dangerous planet in the galaxy, and propose to do something about it !!!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 3
Doug Plamping
Smashwords, Inc.

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