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Book 4, the final book in the Council of Three series, begins when Amy, Paul and Frank arrive at the old priest’s home planet only to face those who oppose anyone who could be named as the Council of Three. Fortunately they have some allies, but will they be enough?
It seems that they have yet another situation to deal with. Was all of this planned? A coup has put some very dangerous people in charge of the planet, people who don’t want the Council of Three to survive. They put ‘the three’, Amy, Paul and Frank, on trial for claiming to be the Council of Three, the alleged top judges in the galactic society, and the guilty verdict is already decided.
‘The three’ are forced to flee to another planet. Facing this threat makes them ask themselves, do they want this job? Is it a role that they’re ready for?
The One Who Tests intervenes, providing their Councilors’ staffs. People say it is a sign from God. With the new powers promised with their new staffs, they are frustrated by the realization that there is no one alive to train them. Their only hope is to find eight books left by the last Council of Three which should have the information they need. Unfortunately the books were left on different planets and no one knows where they all are.
‘The three’ are instructed to return home. Earth has been condemned as a barbaric planet and it is up to them to get Earth to change its ways. During the journey home Amy receives another sign from the One Who Tests, and is given a strange yellow uniform. She is told to wear the uniform all the time. Why?
Contact with the Councilors’ staffs start physical changes in Amy, Paul and Frank, as they are being transformed to use the staffs’ powers. They must get to Earth quickly as they are told that only an Earth hospital has the equipment that will help them survive the transformations that they are not ready for.
To complicate things, a spaceship is following them from planet to planet. When it follows them home, what will people do when it appears in Earth’s sky?
What will happen when they tell the people of Earth that they must change their ways or face extermination? How will the people of Earth respond? Will it be the dawning of a new age of Earth’s civilization, or will it be anger, panic, war, and the destruction of humanity?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 28
Doug Plamping
Smashwords, Inc.

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