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At just twenty-years-old, Rachel Jensby finds herself faced with a desperate reality: either continue to hand her nineteen-month-old daughter over to the man who is sexually abusing her as the court has ordered her to do, or go into hiding to help her child escape the certainty of further sexual assaults. Kidnapping My Daughter is the true account of a mother who spent more than two years on the run, first from local and state authorities only, and then eventually from the FBI as well. As more and more children are faced with court-licensed abuse every day, Rachel Jensby hopes to be a voice among many; joining other mothers who are effecting change by finally finding the courage to come forward with their stories.

Kidnapping My Daughter is an account of events leading up to, and all that transpired during, this family's life on the run.

A second volume, titled Bringing Cheyenne Home, tells the story of what happened afterward - starting with the family's first day back in court and goes on to detail the tumultuous years afterward, including a peek into Cheyenne's life today.

July 13
Rachel Jensby
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Customer Reviews

Treé ,

Great book

Well written book ❤️ it will give other moms hope who are in the same cituation

juicendia ,

Worth the read

This is my second time reading the book. I love the perspective you get from this read. This book took such a toll on me.

Misses Jdubu ,

Kidnapping My Daughter

Oh how I feel for this poor family and what they have been put through. I'm very lucky to live with my husband of 33 years with 5 children, 3 our own, 2 family members we are raising as our own. I'm perfectly aware of how unfair the court system as well as CPS can be by personal experience. For the love of ANY of my children I would have done the very same thing she had done to protect her child. I wish there were more mothers willing to do more for their children. This is a very eye opening book to the realities of dealing with "the system" is like. My prayers are with all who experience problems faced with any kind of abuse for their child. It's a very hard place for a parent to be. Trust me. I know the hard way too!