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The world is full of mysteries. Despite the fact that people are living in a high-tech world, with many advances in science and technology, there are still many unsolved and unexplained crimes that occur over the centuries.

It’s quite sad and truly horrible to know that there are people who have the stomach to commit these crimes. What is more frustrating is the fact that some of these crimes don’t appear to have any motive and are committed just for the fun of it. Others are killed simply because they are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

People become aware of the many gruesome crimes that occur due to being publicized in the media. Unfortunately there are still many of these crimes that are left unsolved and however sad it may be, some of those crimes may remain as cold cases forever.

People would like to think that these killers will eventually be caught and brought to justice. But that is not always the case. Some of these murderers elude justice for years even for decades and in some cases they are never caught and simply take that secret to their graves. The mind of a killer is often hard to understand and even harder to get inside of.

March 21
Brody Clayton
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Dave Chen iOS ,

Concise but Captivating

This book by B Clayton, presently freely downloadable from Apple Books, consists of the several well-known unsolved homicides. Each case was presented in a short narrative format, but consisted of sufficient details. Though the language was descriptive and dispassionate, I found Clayton’s writing to be captivating and vivid, from the victims’ background, to the crime scene, and the aftermath including the investigation and trials if any — enough to send a chill into your spine! I can’t wait to read Book #2.

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