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The act of killing itself, is taboo in society. People kill for many reasons though, some of them understandable, but others are totally unfathomable. However, more gruesome than killing by usual means like stabbing, shooting or poisoning, is the act of butchery after the murder.

The motives for murder and serial killing, according to psychologists, ranges from thrill seeking and anger to attention seeking and financial gain. Although it might seem sickening, these killers and psychopaths exist in the past and the present time, and some of them still have their freedom and are lurking in different corners of the world.

Mutilating, dismembering, slaughtering and, even worse, eating a fellow human is beyond reason; an act that is horrific and probably not the work of a sane individual.

This book lists the most disgusting and disconcerting crimes in history: various stories of strange serial killers who chopped up, violated, cooked, and ate their victims.

From real-life vampires and werewolves who drank blood and ate raw human flesh, to butcher killers who mutilate, sexually abuse, chop and eat their victims for reasons of Satanism, sexual gratification and revenge upon society.

This book is jam-packed with mystery, gore and unbelievable true stories of serial killers.

August 3
Brody Clayton
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

NikitaHay ,

Read in a couple hours

The stories were gruesome and it was insane to read the type of things that people do to other people. I like how each story cut to the chase. Was very short though

Catchy!! ,

Great book.

This is a great book, but could have been longer detailed. Very gruesome too.

Cierra28 ,

Grammar is too distracting

Would’ve been somewhat of an alright read had the grammar been much, much better. Way too many commas, run ons, just all over the place. It read like a majority (probably all) of the information was taken off Wikipedia and made into a “book.” Couldn’t even finish the entire thing.

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