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This Bloodborne guide will contain the walkthrough over the main single player campaign and the description of all the side quests as well. You will also find here the description about abilities and the armament available to the character which you may control. Additionally the guide will also describe all the playing modes, essential to complete the game tips, all the enemies and bosses which you will meet during the game with their advantages and disadvantages. The final part of this book will be the illustrated description of all the secrets and the list of achievements enriched with the instructions how to unlock them. Bloodborne is an action RPG with the third person perspective view. The game was developed by the From Software studio known for the few parts of Armored Core and best known for the Dark Souls series or the Demon's Souls game. Bloodborne is spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series. It has a heavy fantasy setting focused on Yharnam, a place possessed by a mysterious plague which transforms human beings into monsters. Just like the Dark Souls games this game has an extremely high difficulty and punishes a player for even the tiniest mistake. Even though this game is focused on its action elements it still has a very strong RPG taste. 

The Bloodborne guide contains:

- the illustrated walkthrough of the main single player campaign and all the side quests;

- the description of abilities and equipment available for player;

- secrets, collectibles and other items hidden in the game's world;

- a bunch of tips essential to play the game;

- advices about fighting with bosses and specific enemies as well as their advantages and disadvantages;

- the list of achievements and trophies as well as the description of unlocking them.

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