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Guide 'Quests, maps and secrets' for the game Lords of the Fallen, is a complex solution for solving every quest and finding every collectible in this title. You will find here detailed maps of every location, on which secrets, enemies, riddles and important quest items are marked. You will also find there our richly illustrated walkthrough, which will make your gaming experience much easier. With this guidebook you won't be having any problems whatsoever with any trap or enemy that will stand on your way. You will also be given a special chapter depicting every boss that you will encounter in the Lords of the Fallen, with all of their ways of attacking. This includes the special tactics and tips on defeating them.Also every collectible, portal, scroll and side quest is described, so that you won't be stuck in any place. The scrolls are reported in order of location to make them easier to find in the book. 'Lords of the Fallen' is a fantasy based, Action - RPG title. Its story is placed, in a world, where the people rose in revolt against the tyranny of a cruel god. They have managed to imprison him within a mountain range where the god began to grow stronger. Now only our hero is able to confront him. Controlled by a player protagonist is a member of one of three classes and can follow the way either of a sword or magic. 

Guide 'Quests, maps and secrets' for the game Lords of the Fallen consists of:

- Detailed descriptions of the maps of every location in the game as well as the markings for chests, NPCs, enemies, collectibles and hidden places.

- Illustrated and complex walkthrough which leads the player step-by-step, preventing him from being lost, or missing any important locations.

- Chapter devoted to giving directions on every collectible item in the game. This part of the guide is also presented in a special order; by the locations, in a way as they are appearing in the game. 

- Information and useful hints concerning every in-game boss fight. Special tactics which will make fighting them a much easier task to perform. Depiction of all of their attacks (and ways of dodging them), but also the conditions for getting some better equipment.

- A description of all of the portals, including their locations, and conditions of unlocking them but also the lists of items you will be able to find inside.

- A list of every side quest, and secret item, with a detailed description of conditions for each of the tasks and the rewards given for completing them.

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