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Danger stirs in the shadows beyond the borders. Monsters attack the outer settlements, reaching farther into the kingdom. They are greater in number and stronger than ever before. 

The Stone Marshall Studio is developing a new series: Legends & Heroes. Created by Stone Marshall, the author of the popular Flynn’s Log series.

A hybrid of comic-book style illustrations and short stories. Each issue is fun, challenging, and engaging. 

These interrelated  stories follow a series of characters on a journey through life in Minecraft. Relatable characters, thrilling action, and colorful illustrations will suck in readers and leave them excited to read the next adventure!

Secrets await!

Solve the puzzle, uncover secrets!

A Royal Knight, Gavin, has been called to ensure the caravan’s safety.  Each wave of monsters wears away at their supplies and, perhaps even more dangerous, their hope. A mysterious material, Quicksilver, could save the kingdom—if only it could be forged! Gavin must find a blacksmith who can turn the Quicksilver into a weapon before the forces of darkness can take hold of the kingdom.

It is said that Quicksilver has magical properties: it is harder than diamond and immune to any blow. To survive the coming war, the Royal Guards will have to be just as strong.

Comics & Graphic Novels
July 7
Stone Marshall Studio
Nathan Lawrence
Grades 1-6

Customer Reviews

CuteSlyWolf100 ,

Huh??????? Chapter book??? It's COMIC NOT CHAPTER BOOK!

It's supposed to be a comic book but then when I look for a simple it was CHAPTER BOOK! I read it anyways but it's confusing and awesome! I will have to give you 4 stars.... 😕🙂

fahleybaggins ,

Love it

Oh dear god my grammar was terrible I regret the old review XD

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