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Box Set Deal! This set contains 3 complete Sandy Brown Thrillers: One Last Time, Two Times Dead, and Three Gone Cold 

Fans of Janet Evanovich, Nora Roberts, Sue Grafton and John Grisham will love this exciting new series from Kinsey Grafton! 


Sandy Brown grew up reading Nancy Drew and now she is the real life version. She works as a P.I. for a small Seattle firm and just got a huge case. Some rich power-hungry creep killed a little girl and Sandy has to make sure she digs up enough dirt on the guy to put a needle in his arm. But something goes horribly wrong. Forced to do the unthinkable, Sandy has to choose between justice and the law. Sometimes real justice happens in a dark alley--not a courtroom. 


Sandy Brown needs a vacation, so she goes with her best friend on a trip they've always dreamed of to Mexico. The vacation is off to a great start; surfing, swimming, reading, and dancing, but then their little piece of heaven takes a hellish turn. Sandy witnesses a crime and tries not to get involved but can't help herself. Forced to fight for her life Sandy has to choose between legal justice and street justice. All Sandy wanted was a nice tan but now the question is: Will she survive her vacation? 


Sandy Brown is back and pushed into a murder case that takes place on a nearby Indian reservation, Sandy tries to help out a reporter who is wrongfully imprisoned. Before she knows what she got herself into Sandy finds herself fighting for her life, and her dark side comes to the light and she has to choose between doing what is right and what feels right. 

What readers are saying about Kinsey Grafton's Sandy Brown Thriller series.... 

“Like a John Grisham novel, from the very inception I was lured right into the novel and couldn’t put the book down. Every chapter ended with so much drama and mystery I had to keep reading until I was done. - Janet Po 

“Grafton brings mystery and fast-paced action into one neat package. "One Last Time" is written like a cable show and is one great ride. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up!” - Nancy Myers 

“Kinsey’s storytelling feels as real as Nora Robert’s. I picked up "One Last Time" and finished it in one sitting. - Mark Vetta 

“Kinsey Grafton does a fantastic job at keeping you hooked and engaged. I look forward to more from this talented author.” - Sue Mcdonald 

“Grafton is my new favorite author!” - Vince M.

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 29
Cross Line Press
Aaron Patterson

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