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My prim-and-proper assistant has a dirty, dirty mind.

I found her steamy writing on my computer.

Now all I can think about is re-enacting the “good parts” of her story.

But I don't sh*t where I eat. She's off-limits.

Until I realize I need a baby—and she’d be the perfect surrogate.

I control the hottest funds on Wall Street. The financial papers call me a genius. My business is worth billions of dollars.

But it all means nothing when my dad’s lying on his deathbed and I don't have the only thing he wants: a grandchild.

Enter Katherine York—my assistant. She thinks a pencil skirt and a buttoned-up blouse mask the naughty girl inside. But I’ve peeked inside her mind and can’t get her raunchy words out of my head. Who does she think she’s kidding?

There's no hiding those lush curves, or those kinky fantasies her beautiful mind dreams up. Kat wants to make it as a romance author, and I have the money and connections to get her there.

So I offer her a new position: as a surrogate for my baby. She’ll be working under me, of course. Right under me.

The contract is clear. I get her pregnant. She delivers my baby. She walks away with a publishing deal and half a million dollars.

Simple, right?

Except once I get a taste of her–my kitten—I’m hooked. She’s an addiction

I can't quit. I’ll break all the rules to make her stay.

This is the first book in the Knocked Up Series by Nikki Chase.

June 23
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Karmicsamadi86 ,

Interesting so far...

Boss wants a baby so he corners his cute assistant who he’s secretly been attracted too. A little tropish, but at least it doesn’t seem like her boss is taking advantage off her and she’s going into this fully well knowing what will come of it.

Samantha12187 ,


This was a very interesting story. I want more. Where does this arrangement lead, what are the next twists and turn for these two?

Caliwranglers ,

Kept wanting to read more

I just read Knocked up by Nikki Chase. I got it on Apple Books and I love it. The character ( Kat) very relatable. You feel like you are living her life as the pages turn. The way the author keeps the forward movement and progression of characters is great. Can’t wait to read all the books in the series.

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