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Maxwell Cartwright just wants to have fun.

At least that’s what he tells himself as he works his way through every showgirl and high roller room in Vegas, burning through his trust fund and trying to forget the betrayal of his old friend Jason Draper. Then Nico Vitale, head of the Syndicate, mentions the one thing that might prompt Max to action.

Max's best friend, Abby, may be in grave danger.

Abby Sterling is finally in control.

Breaking free of an abusive father wasn’t easy, but hard work, a college degree, and a job in the executive offices of her childhood friend Jason Draper’s casino has her feeling like she’s free of the past. But maintaining her friendship with both Max and Jason isn’t easy when the two men won’t even speak to each other, and things get even more complicated when Abby’s relationship with Max heats up in surprising ways.

As Max’s ties to the Syndicate deepen, he crosses his long held line with Abby, taking her to bed in spite of his promise never to risk their friendship. When Jason is revealed as a dangerous sociopath with ties to one of Vegas's oldest crime families, it becomes clear the only way Abby will ever be safe is if Max helps the Syndicate retake Vegas. Abby is determined to help, but doing so means spying on Jason while dodging the deadly contingent of mercenaries Jason has hired to protect him.

With the help of the Syndicate and a rogue FBI agent, Max sets in motion a plan to end Jason’s reign of terror over his life with Abby. But when tragedy strikes close to home, Jason’s true depravity is revealed and Max is forced to face the fact that Jason has killed to get what he wants — and if Max doesn’t stop him, Abby will be next.

August 22
Blackthorn Press
Michelle Zink

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