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Minx Montgomery's only light in a terrible childhood was her neighbor and best friend, Mouse. When he left Texas at the age of seventeen, she never heard from him again, though she's never forgotten him either. She moved in with her uncle, went to college and became a counselor. Her supervisor at the clinic sexually harassed her. Reporting him backfired. Demoted, she's transferred to another branch in the city--to the same district she'd finally managed to escape.

Laszlo Jensen, a former SEAL, has spent the last two years recovering from the damage done when his squad's truck drove over an antitank landmine. Six other team-mates were also badly hurt, the seventh--Mouse--dead, in what their team leader Badger Horley realized later had to be a trap set to take them out. He and his team-mate Geir are trying to learn more about Mouse’s history. Was the whole squad targeted with that landmine, or just their youngest, newest member? The truth is more disturbing and senseless than they'd anticipated. Who was Mouse really? 

Minx may be the only person who knew the boy that later became a dangerous, hunted man…

Author note: For your reading pleasure, this series must be read in order.

SEALs of Steel Reading Order:

1.) Badger

2.) Erick

3.) Cade

4.) Talon

5.) Laszlo

6.) Geir

7.) Jager

October 23
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Montanafilly73 ,

5 stars plus

Laszlo and Minx, what a pair, and Geir. The 3 musketeers kept running interference while getting information. I can’t put these books down. Suspense, intrigue, and so much more on every page. On to the next book.

Jmoms ,

Ahhh, Lazlo

The next guy on the soon to be losing his single status is up!
Anders and and team head to to the Swiss Alps to save a woman from being killed.
The catch is.....a year ago they met!
Angelica (Angel) met Anders a year ago and felt a connection, but she was engaged.
Anders walked away and now needs to save her life.
Angel broke off her engagement and is not happy to go to home to be saved from death. She still feels sparks from him and Anders knows that they belong together.
Together they must stay alive and unravel the mystery of why she is wanted dead.

777sails ,

Faced paced and HOT!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Booksprout and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a fast paced and very compelling story (just like all of her other novels.) This one sure didn't disappoint. With each clue and search, the guys of the SEAL team hit with an anti-tank mine get closer to answers as to the incident that killed one of their own and severely injured the rest of them.

It is through their quest for answers that each of them find their true love in the most unlikely of places. This one is no different. Minx was a close childhood friend of Mouse's. Certain questions have been answered but most questions have arisen. Minx is faced with a stalker and was harassed on the job. While looking for clues into Mouse's background, Laszlo and Geir help Minx with her issues.

Geir is the next installment of the series and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Each story just gets better and better. I just love how the story continues the plot of the series while containing a sub-plot. Also the stories are fast paced that keeps the reader glued to their e-reader.

I so highly recommend this to anyone who loves military romance.

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