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A business best seller, this groundbreaking book about accountability provides the missing link that turns great ideas into performance gains in business and in life. It explains and demonstrates a simple model that can be used to coach and guide any group or person, staff or management, towards the ultimate goal of the leader, leading people to lead themselves.

Every year hundreds of business books are published delivering sage wisdom on the latest techniques of management and leadership. Whether the subject is execution, decisiveness, or moving from good to great, these books are often missing one thing. They fail to provide the practical, interpersonal leadership model that is needed to translate useful concepts into the reality of results.

In Leadership Simple, Leading People to Lead Themselves, the authors present a conversational model you can use to bridge the gap between telling people what to do and  getting them to take action. Using the processes and tools demonstrated in this book, you will move from command and control, boss management to a business environment where people proactively take initiative and ownership for their actions and results, spreading accountability like a virus, throughout the organization.  

Anyone can use these powerful tools to lead accountability for results. In their work with major manufacturers, software giants, hospitals and medical practices, engineering companies and service organizations, Jill and Steve Morris have trained front line workers and nurses, physician managers, and C Level leaders to apply the “Lead Management Model” in their business and personal lives to create production gains, increased profits and greater satisfaction.

This universal model has been taught to children in grade schools as well as to government workers under fire in complex situations. It has helped them visualize, in simple non-psychological terms, what makes people take action and what they are accountable for; the three choices people have in every situation, event or relationship they encounter. It identifies the process underlying every action human beings take.

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November 15
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