Learn to Code in Swift 4 Learn to Code in Swift 4

Learn to Code in Swift 4

The New Language of iOS Apps

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Publisher Description

Learn Swift programming from the ground up with award-winning author, and iPhone Life magazine writer/blogger Kevin McNeish! After completing this book, you will have the skills and clear understanding to write well-designed Swift code for your iOS apps.

This book has been updated to Swift 4 and therefore requires the use of Xcode 8 or newer. This means you get the most up-to-date information available on Swift.

This book assumes no previous programming experience! It teaches you best practices for creating iOS apps in Swift using advanced educational tools such as:

• 20 embedded step-by-step movies with coding exercises.

• Interactive diagrams that help you visualize how code works.

• 25 Swift sample projects

• An online forum where you can get all your questions answered.

This book goes beyond basic syntax and uses practical examples demonstrating how to use the full power of Swift in your iOS apps. It provides clear, in-depth explanations of Swift concepts.

In the first few chapters, you learn the basics of Swift programming and then begin applying your knowledge by working through exercises at the end of each chapter that teach you to apply Swift programming principles in real-world apps.

Here are some of the concepts you will master in this book:

• Understanding Classes and Objects

• Working With Optionals

• Arrays and other Collections

• Looping and Conditional Statements

• Advanced Properties

• Data Types and Conversions

• Working with Strings

• Enumerations

• Initializers

• Access Control

• Unit Testing Your Code

• Inheritance & Polymorphism

• Mastering Protocols & Delegates

• The Power of Extensions

• Generics in the Real World

• Understanding Closures

• Handling Errors

• Appendix containing Swift free functions, data types, and operators

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    November 12
    Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc.
    Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc.

    Customer Reviews

    jeam ,

    Good book, code samples need polishing

    The code examples in first dozen chapters fo the book are excellent, easy to follow and revealing. The code examples in the later portion of the book need polishing. Following the exercises described in the book often would not compile. Perhaps, instructions on settings could be in order. Otherwise, it is one of the better books I have read on Swift. Future releases will hopefully address some of the issues. Still, I highly recommend this book. Then, I could have missed following the instructions, even when I tried some of the tests several times.

    VAdrienV ,

    My new Bible

    I never coded before doing iOS programming. Getting started on my own was hell of a nightmare. I purchased a MacBook Pro to build app and I gave up for a year because the resources out there were not made for people like me.
    Yes, I failed but a year after my failure, I doubled my effort and went around YouTube, iBooks and some other website. Since then I’m worked with Kevin’s first books and those opened the world of iOS to me!

    Now Apple has made some changes and we are on a new Chapter with Swift. I read Apple’s documentation about the language and it was ok. I’m happy to see this book on the iBook store as I can use it as my study book on my iPad while I am using my Macbook pro to code.

    If you consider getting a hard cover copy or even kindle, I would recommend you to go for this iBook version instead.
    First, Swift is a new language and we all suspect to see some more updates. Kevin’s books all come to us as free updates (which isn't possible when you are a printed copy and compared to other authors, who ‘force’ you to get a second, third, … edition to be up to date - and pay.)
    Second, the videos coming with this book are a great add-ons to master a subject.
    Where videos are a great help, you’ll also find some graphs and schematics to understand a concept well.

    If you are making your first steps with Swift or if you already have some background, this book is all your need to get your app ready for the real world.
    You can hardly find something better than this.

    Tulyk ,

    Awesome Author!!!

    I have been trying to learn code for that past couple weeks with Apples Swift Guide and YouTube videos but was learning slow as I would get confused. Last night I got the demo of this book and read the first 50 pages. I felt that I learned so much in those 50 pages in one night than I have for the last couple weeks. He does a really good job at explaining things to someone that knows nothing or where to begin.

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