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I spent five hellish years in a constant state of fear, convinced that we were only a heartbeat away from being destroyed by a larger pack of shape shifters.

Just when it looked like we'd won, an even bigger group of thugs stepped in, and this time I ended up as one of the casualties.

I lost all of my memories, everything that made me the person I was back then, and became a stranger inside my own home, uncomfortable with everyone from my father to my boyfriend.

I thought Wyatt's arrival was the lifeline I'd been looking for, but I had no idea just how  dangerous his secrets were. 

My name is Jessica Engel and this is my story.

February 12
Fir'shan Publishing
Dean Murray

Customer Reviews

JaeReeds ,

Reflection Series

Her story was unique... I loved it I'm excited for the next book to this series

Berty2212424546757894/(8 ,


I bought this book the day it came out. I had really high expectations because this is one of my favorite book series ever. I could not put the book down. There were so many shocks and surprises. It was intense. I would recommend it to anyone that loves fantasy and romance or is just looking for something AMAZING to read. I was more then happy and a little shocked at the end. I can't wait for the next one to come out.

ABBK8908 ,

LEFT me breathless!!!

I just finished reading Left, the latest installment of the Reflections series. I must say, Jess has never been my favorite character. She's always seemed selfish and moody. So, it goes without saying, I wasn't super excited she got her own book. But, I love the series so I endured. MAN!!! I am so glad I did!!! While the first half of the book was almost torturous with all the poor me, he loves me, he loves her, boo hoo hoo, the second half came swooping in and BLEW. MY. MIND.

Now, before I tell you how awesome the second half is, let me go back and say, I re-read the book after I *maybe* liked Jess a little more and yeah, its not as bad as I made it sound! In fact, there is a mind blowing piece of information right at the beginning that I glazed over because of my bad attitude. But come on, how awesome is it that this is a writer that can make me love or hate a FICTIONAL character that much?!? Major KUDOS to Mr. Murray.

Moving on, the second half totally kept me guessing--which I LOVE!! As always, I love how everything, no matter how off and remote, always ties back in to the series and our beloved Alec and Adri. I'm even beginning to catch connections to the Dark Reflections books, which is something I've been lacking until now. Wonderful how this all works in and what a brilliant mind to work this all in together!

The new characters were great, the character growth in this book was astonishing, and the surprises, well, they were just here in spades!! Just when I think I have it all figured out, something surprises me all over again. Even better, it inspires me to re-read past books to see what I've missed! All in all, this book left me wanting more and more books in this series. And, I guess its true what they say: You can have roots and wings ;)

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