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Wolves of Wrath won Paranormal Book of the Year 2018, for the UtopiaCon book awards! Thank you to all the readers!

Long ago, during the Great Purge, the witches that had grown too many in number and too powerful, were destroyed. The high fae council saw that the balance of good and evil had been tipped too far in one direction and it had to be rectified. So they killed all of the witches, and their creator...or so they thought. But they were wrong. Volcan, the high fae, who had once been a member of their council, until he decided he wanted to be all powerful and created the witches, had bided his time, hiding in the Dark Forest. Now he’s back and hell bent on rebuilding his army of witches. Only this time he’s set his eyes on the gypsy healers to be the tool from which he creates them. He already has two of the newly found healers, Jewel and Anna, with his blood running in their veins. And though he thinks he’s got it all planned out, what Volcan hadn’t calculated into his formula of healers + his blood = witches, was the healer’s mates, Dalton and Gustavo. Both males are more than ready to sink their teeth into the high fae who has taken their females. With the darkness closing in on all four of them, it is a toss up as to who will succumb to it first. Mean while, the healers and wolves Peri had stashed in the pixie realm are sitting ducks with the Veil between them and the human realm locked. The mates of those healers are holding onto their self control by a thread as they try to figure out a way to get them out of the pixie realm. Perizada is once again fighting for those who are under her protection, while at the same time trying not to kill them herself. Considering the healers tend to do stupid heroic stuff and the wolves just do stupid stuff period, it’s not certain who will destroy who. The only thing that was certain; none of them was willing to surrender. Throw in a powerful, eccentric Djinn who has suddenly gotten bored and things are guaranteed to get messy. This is the continuation of the story of the five gypsy healers, the fae who protects them and the wolves whose wrath will consume any who come between them.

September 28
Quinn Loftis
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

LoveThePounds ,

These healers are perfect.

I’m not sure how she puts so much thought into everything but I’d give anything to be apart of this world more so than i am just reading it!!!

86Amysss86 ,

Wolves of Wrath

This is book 4 in The Gypsy Healer series must be read in order to fully enjoy. The story picks up right where the last book ended. The story pulls you in and makes you feel like your on the adventure with Jewel and Anna. Can’t wait to read the next book.

L. Swan ,


The theme of this book concentrated heavily on patience and sacrifice, what that means to all of the characters and how they cope with such emotions when fighting against evil. The balance of good and evil is tipping with the result being catastrophic if evil prevails. The many different characters perspectives is always appreciated and concentrated on the main characters of this series with special appearances of other major leads. Things started off stagnant in this book with a little action happening in the middle with massive territorial drama fits, exciting epic reveals of minor characters and finally a plan in the brewing at the end to save those in the clutches of evil.
The romance between all the characters is always adorable and sweet, the devotion always humbling. The male leads are unabashed in their affections and always respectful of their mates and their lack of knowledge for their cultural world. Their support is always unwavering as they fight to protect and serve the ones meant for their souls, with the ladies gradually accepting what it means to be a Gypsy Healer and true mate to the Canis Lupus species in the most magical way.
The interaction between the characters is always amusing, their mannerism and behavior reflecting that of an impressive immaturity level is astounding. The innocence in this book is endearing though with the story building and world being unique.

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