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The dreams start, and Bethi’s very normal life goes down the toilet. She soon realizes the dreams are actually memories from past lives… and not just hers. She sees the lives of other women like her.

The recalled memories follow the same terrifying pattern: Dog-men chase her, and she sees her eventual tormented death. Learning from the past, Bethi sets out to find a way to live this time around. The dreams hint at an answer.

She needs to be strong enough to find it or die… again.

November 27
Melissa Haag
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

deissygirl ,

Witty funny action pack!

Oh bethi!!! She is my favorite girl!! so honest and straight to the point!! with her powers she lives today like is her last day and she takes advantage. Bethi is my 2nd favorite (gabby and clay is my first)Bethi is really something. I wish the rest of the girls had more guts like Bethi and be honest with themselfs and with their wolfs. She was so much fun to read.I love her spirit even when she is sad and upset because lets face it sometimes in horrible situations you have to laugh! you can smile even when you sad. Thats what Bethi does and she does it good!!!

JC Cincy Kid ,

MisFortune- turns to Fortunately! By Cincy Kid 68!

As this series continues the plot comes together more and more, making for your interest to get swept along as well. I really like the characters even beyond the main ones. Now on to the next book. 👍 JB

DM281 ,

Bethi's Story is the Most Illuminating Tale So Far

Although I had read this book some months ago, I've just reread it to review the story up through book 5. (And I'm anxiously awaiting the conclusion to the series in book 6!)

One of the things I like best about Ms. Haag's writing is the way her stories just grab you and take you right in to the action and emotions, so it feels as if you're right there in the midst of it. The book starts with Bethi dreaming a vivid and violent dream in which she jumps over the side of a cliff to escape her tormentors. Bethi doesn't just dream, she lives each dream and suffers the violence done to her. In each dream, there are the large "dogs" she refers to as the "Dogs of Death", also known as the Urbats, who always try to capture her or kill her. However, she is initially unaware that there is a separate and distinct race of werewolves that is different than the Urbats. So when Luke shows up and appears to scent her, she thinks he is one of the Urbats, which sends her running from both her home and Luke. He continues to follow her and helps her along the way and slowly gains her trust.

This book, of all of them, provides the back story as to who the women are and what their task is, which is to render a Judgment once the Six are united. It joins Gabby and Clay from the first book, Michelle and Emmit from the second book, and Charlene and Thomas from the 4th book, together with Bethi and Luke in their quest for the 5th woman of the Six.

This is a fabulous series that is suitable for young adult, mature adult and everything in between.

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