Book 1 - Lemon Moms

Lemon Moms: A Guide to Understand and Survive Maternal Narcissism

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Healing Begins with Awareness
If our mother has narcissistic traits, it can be challenging for us to receive the emotional support and validation necessary to develop a healthy sense of identity, self-esteem, and self-worth. That's because, as children, we learned to gain our mother's approval, affection, and love by fulfilling her expectations and desires, but despite our efforts, it was usually not enough. Now, as adults, we may still do all of that, and we may also find ourselves struggling with self-defeating behaviors like neglecting our own needs, seeking validation and acceptance from others, taking unnecessary risks, minimizing ourselves so others can feel good, being attracted to people who aren't good for us, and putting ourselves last, if at all. We may be prone to staying in hurtful, one-sided relationships that leave us feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. Ultimately, our childhood experiences can shape our attitudes and behaviors in profound ways, and it may take a great deal of effort to overcome the negative effects of a narcissistic mother.

Support, Validation, and Growth
You are not alone. As someone who was raised by a narcissistic mother, the author understands the challenges and pain. She offers emotional support and validation, treating you as an intelligent friend and walking beside you as you navigate the healing process. If you find yourself questioning your memories, doubting your sanity, feeling hurt, confused, or constantly seeking your mother's withheld love and approval, this book can help.

Start moving forward in healing, even when your mother feels no accountability or responsibility for her part in your broken relationship. Until now, you had two choices: live on her terms (focusing on her, chasing after her withheld love, affection, and acceptance) or go "no contact." This book suggests a third option: understand what's really happening (hint: it has nothing to do with you), then use the tools and strategies provided to start healing, take back your life, and move forward:
remove the drama from your interactions
set enforceable limits
end the manipulation
deal with gaslighting, word-twisting, and intentional "misunderstandings."
handle the meltdowns, rages, and silent treatments
deal with put-downs, hurtful comments, and remarks
manage competitiveness and one-upmanship
recognize trauma signs and start healing them
learn about unhealthy family dynamics and whether you're the invisible or scapegoated child
strategize conversations to flow the way you want
go even deeper using the end-of-chapter Action Steps and the Companion Workbook
You can't change your mother, but you can learn the reasons why she acts and thinks like she does, and you can apply this new understanding to change the way you interact. When you combine the tools in this book with the insight you gain, your relationship can change.

It isn't your fault. You didn't cause the problem, you can't cure it, and you can't control it. You are lovable, and you matter.

Why wait? Start feeling better today!

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August 9
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Diane Metcalf

Customer Reviews

emilllyyy_ ,

If your mother is a narcissist buy this book ASAP!

It’s as if she wrote this book about me. Just what I needed in one of the toughest times of my life. Thank you for pulling me out of a dark place and bringing to light so many things I would have never realized on my own.

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