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After a fatal car accident leaves seventeen-year-old Coco Caraway covered in scars and kills her best friend, Lila Olivier, Coco struggles with depression and anxiety. She spends her days hiding behind a mask of makeup and layers of clothing, treating each day like another one toward her last. Because life without her best friend is a life she doesn’t want to live.

The arrival of Xander Romano, a new boy at school more scarred than she is, forces Coco out of her isolation when she stands up to school bullies harassing him. Her action sparks a friendship with Xander that Coco had no idea she wanted—or needed. He reminds her of Lila, and through him, she reflects on her life before and after the accident, trying to make sense of living a future without her best friend.

Despite the happy moments Coco finds with Xander, her strained relationships with her shallow mother, overworked father, and meddling, overprotective twin brother weigh heavy on her, and Coco can’t seem to hang on. Giving up on life seems a lot easier. As Coco’s world spins out of control and her home life nearly breaks her, she must decide what’s important in life and if she’s willing to live for it.

Young Adult
July 25
Ginna Moran
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

chickywaffles ,


This book was fantastic. It was beautifully written, and was overall extraordinary. Definitely 5 stars.

Candy button ,

Life after Lila

It is filled with romance and drama and just the perfect amount of sadness, it made me want to cry

G2012love ,


This book was so good, and I really related to Coco and her struggle with depression and anxiety. The relationships were well done, and I especially loved the relationship Coco had with her twin brother. It was realistic and emotional. Xander, the love interest, was perfectly imperfect, and I was so happy to see that. I laughed and cried throughout the novel, and when it was over, I couldn't get it off my mind. Read it!

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