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I’ve been in love with Gunner since I was twelve. Now I’m eighteen, and it’s time for him to realize I’m not just his best friend’s little sister anymore.

For six long years, I’ve lived for when my brother’s best friend Gunner came over after school to shoot hoops in the backyard, play video games, or just hang out. I’ve hungered for every glance and smile he sent my way, and I’ve longed for him to see me as more than just his best friend’s baby sister.

I’m eighteen now. I’m not a baby anymore. Despite still being a virgin, I’m all grown up, and my feelings for Gunner have only become stronger. But when he comes home from college for Christmas break, what if he still sees the little girl I used to be? He’s staying with my family for the holidays, and I can’t stand the idea of living under the same roof with him for two weeks if he can’t see the woman I’ve become.

What I never considered was that he might already look at me that way. That he might feel the same way about me as I do about him. That he hasn’t wanted to act on his feelings because I am his best friend’s little sister. I certainly never expected him to steal secretly into my bedroom in the middle of the night and touch me the way a man was made to touch a woman.

I only hope that when the best Christmas break of my life is over and Gunner returns to college that he hasn’t completely broken my heart. Because the only thing worse than Gunner seeing me as child would be for him to fall for someone else.

Silver Medalist – 2017 eLit Awards

This story is an angsty, coming-of-age standalone, full of all the tummy-warming firsts each of us remembers from our youth. First loves, first kisses . . . first everythings. Relive your own first times as you read about Cami and Gunner’s.

December 20
Phoenix Press
Phoenix Press LLC
Grades 13-17

Customer Reviews

Arianna Torpey ,


I thought this book was just the amount of romance I was looking for. Sexy yet romantic but tied all in a love story. It was beautiful to read!

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