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Jeremy Garnet, the striving novelist, has successfully avoided his old school chum for some time when bad luck causes Ukridge to find Garnets address. Soon, Ukridge is found barreling through the door along with the new Mrs. Ukridge to invite Garnet to the shore to co found an entrepreneurial enterprise, a chicken farm. In Ukridges eyes, this is a made-to-order money machine. You borrow some chickens, raise some of your own, return the original chickens and your bounty expands from there. Naturally, neither Ukridge nor Garnet have the slightest knowledge or experience about raising chickens to lay eggs.

Fiction & Literature
January 1
Public Domain
Public Domain

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CNthinks ,

A hurried ending.

Fans of Wodehouse will enjoy this book, however it does not move about with the same zippy pace nor contain the high level of acerbic wit usually found in his novels.

The story is a bit slow on the uptake, which contrasts sharply with the extremely rushed ending. Character development is not as insightful as other novels, left me feeling a bit dispassionate about the outcome. Usually I'm gripped and keen to see what will happen to the characters.

Negatives aside, it is still a bit of Wodehouse fun. It has all the elements required for a riotous tale of class, city vs country, wealth, marriage, Irish vs English and a lot of livestock. It falls short of riotous unfortunately. It could be adapted into a mini-tv series to great effect, as the ingredients are there, they just needed more time to simmer and be rounded out.

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