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Dive in for adventure, romance, and revenge in this second-chance contemporary romance from author Sarah Ready.

Andrew & Emma.Emma & Andrew.
See above.
Daring artifact hunter Andrew Santiago loved Emma Castleton more than any person had the right to love another. They were inseparable, fated, maybe…soul mates? In the lush jungles of Central America, hunting the world's largest blood ruby, they planned marriage and a life together. But betrayal ripped them apart, and Emma left Andrew for dead, shot and bleeding on the jungle floor.

There's a razor thin line between love and hate.

For ten years Andrew has secretly and ruthlessly destroyed Emma's life. Her business, her home, and her reputation are gone. Now, Emma is in Romeo, New York, hunting for another artifact and Andrew has promised to finally finish what they began all those years ago. He's determined to make her fall in love with him again, because destroying her life isn't enough, he also wants to break her heart.

But in Romeo, New York soul mates are real and second chances exist…but only if you're willing to take them.

Love, Artifacts, and You is book 4 in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance Series by Sarah Ready.

October 26
Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Marie Bourgery ,

Revenge Romance

What was done to Andrew and his uncle to keep him apart from Emma and so Emma’s father could claim the artifact they found for himself was awful. I can understand why Andrew would want them to feel some of the pain he suffered. There’s plenty of darkness in him from his experiences and he isn’t the boy he used to be and forces in his life are still trying to destroy him. But he does show remorse and holds back from additional retaliation when he realizes Emma loves him scars and all. It was interesting to read about their archeological experiences. The townspeople of Romeo aren’t as interfering as they were in the previous book except to tell Emma about her soul mate.

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