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Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren discuss love.  Not a concept we are used to dealing with when it comes to the Warrens and the supernatural in general but still a very real and beautiful part of the afterlife. The story Ed and Lorraine have to tell is not one of darkness or despair, not of evil or fright, no demons, vampires, or werewolves. This story is about love. A deep love that transcends the grave and warms the heart with a bittersweet tale of two lives that ended far too soon.

Lorraine and Ed were first interested in this particular case when they saw a photograph, taken by two teachers in a graveyard in Hollybush, England dated 1928. It shows a couple standing in a loving embrace near their own graves. The couple is Doris May and Walter Weaver who fell in love young and were soon engaged to be married. Before they could officially exchange vows, however, Walter was sent to war. He protested all of the fighting and death and was therefore assigned to drive an ambulance which tragically drove over a landmine, killing Walter and leaving his young fiancé to mourn her heartrending loss. Life meant little to Doris after with the absence of her beloved and she died soon after, of a broken heart. The couple now haunts the graveyard where, strangely enough, they spent much time together when they were alive.

The Warrens also tell of other stories that involve loved ones that have passed away but still return to make sure that the living are handling the loss. A woman was visited by her husband several times before she mustered the courage to speak to him, to let him know she was alright. He did not come back again after that, at peace knowing she would be just fine. Similar cases involve elderly couples, one deceased one very near, comforting one another through the process. It would seem that death, while inevitable and unstoppable, is still not a force for love. That may be because death is not the end. According to the Warrens, devout Catholics, death is merely part of a never-ending journey; taking us on to the next step where we will be reunited with all those we have loved and lost.

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June 28
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