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Captain Dorian Rae is a wounded soul who gets his greatest pleasures from being in the great outdoors and soaring the skies. When he has a life-changing encounter with a beauty on Washington State’s High Steel Bridge, he never anticipates that one meeting would have an enduring effect on him and change their worlds forever.

But fate seems determined to throw them together when she repeatedly shows up not only in his dreams but also, in reality…and in his past when he finds out that she played a role in the death of his best friend.

When a seemingly impossible friendship develops between the two, the lines between friendship and romantic relationship become blurred and Dorian’s efforts to stay out of a relationship—especially with a woman with such a tattered past―comes into question.

While her past catches up with their present, and disapproving family and friends enter the mix, the already deep-seated conflict that at first kept these two people apart, now threatens to break them up forever.

Love On High Steel Bridge will take you through high altitudes and to some devastating lows. If you like suspense, steamy love scenes and unexpected plot twists, come with Captain Rae as he flies the skies on this riveting journey.

February 26
Rebecca Rohman
Rebecca Rohman

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mj_toth ,

Beautiful & emotional journey to find love

Can you ever atone for the mistakes in your past? Robin Drake found herself caught up in a horrible medical fraud situation with unbelievable consequences. Even as an accessory, she found herself in prison for 7 years while she also lost her license to practice medicine. Now, being back in society, she is struggling to rebuild a life where people choose to believe the worst first. At her lowest point, she meets an amazing man, Dorian Rae, who gave her a glimmer of hope that any challenge can be overcome. Dorian can’t get the beautiful woman he helped out of his mind, when she ends up as his tenant, well, it seems fate has plans for them. Robin is reluctant to have a relationship but she does need to friends so Dorian becomes her friend. As they get to know each other, they had no idea what other ways their pasts will ultimately cross. I don’t want to give away any of the amazing moments in this journey. Robin pulled me in from the beginning. I felt every emotional moment of her struggle to find her footing and place back in society. Yes, she made a huge mistake but she paid her dues and deserved another chance but that isn’t always easy to find. Dorian is an accomplished and confident pilot. He had a bad relationship in his past but found something in Robin that connected with who he is deep down. I was drawn in and struggled to put this story down, needing to know how all the twists and turns would resolve.

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