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Eliza left her life of prostitution to become something she could never be back in Omaha: a lady. Her plan is to remain single for the rest of her life, but when she arrives in South Dakota, she runs into John Evans. And he’s not about to let her remain single if he has anything to do about it.

As soon as John sees Eliza, he falls in love with her. Not only is Eliza the most beautiful young lady he’s ever seen, but she isn’t put off by the fact that he’s mute. Since his mail-order bride didn’t come, he sees no reason why he can’t marry Eliza and make a home with her.

Eliza, however, knows very well why they can’t be together. She used to be a prostitute. John is a sweet man who’s never even kissed a woman. He deserves a virgin who can give him her innocence and a future with children. Eliza can do neither one for him. But while she insists he should wait to see if his mail-order bride is coming after all, she is taken in with his sweetness and charm. And soon, she’s torn between doing what is best for him and what her selfish heart wants.

South Dakota Series (order of books)
Loving Eliza #1
Bid for a Bride #2
Bride of Second Chances #3

January 29
Ruth Ann Nordin
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

PSemones ,


I fell in love with Eliza and John, you felt you were there with them when you are reading this book. So excited to read the next one. Why change the cover of the book from a beautiful lady to an ugly kid. I get used to the cover to find in my iBooks and then an author will change the cover. Ridiculous

Kcnjmg ,

Loving Eliza

Sweet story ⭐️⭐️

mynamjo ,

One of her best books!

I’ve read this book more times then I can count. It’s the third book I ever bought on my kindle back in high school! The dynamics of all the relationships is amazing! Ruth Ann never fails to impress me with these historical romances, and they way her books all tie together just brings me so much joy! You can’t help but fall in love with Eliza As much as John does! She has a way of writing about real people, believable situations!

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