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Discover the love you have longed for!

In twelve sessions you will learn a pragmatic set of actions that allow you to be the partners you have always dreamed of being. The 10 Non Negotiable's are vibrant, effective tools that can be learned and will impact all your relationships in a loving, positive way. Experience the joy of True Spiritual Intimacy.

February 14
Jay Stinnett
Jay Stinnett

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Lovingsober ,

Loving Sober

While directed toward a marital relationship , Jay's book provides excellent guidance for all relationships , whether in the home, workplace or any organization . It provides a roadmap for Sanity for anyone engaged in any adult relationship.

Adell Shay ,

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

First discovering and then demonstrating the Loving Sober Principles absolutely transformed our already functional marriage to one beyond our wildest dreams. We were also fortunate to have such a fantastic guide help us through the 12-week process. It continues to be the foundation through which Love is expressed a little more fully each day.
Wrenching cyclical emotional events and dramas are simply not a part of our relationship now - something I never believed could happen. When emotion occasionally surfaces, we apply the Loving Sober Principles - which begin by recognizing that any reaction we experience is our own erroneous story, and not our partner's and must be dealt with there - and it melts quickly. Absolutely miraculous.
For goodness sakes, download, read and apply absolutely everything beautifully gifted in "Loving Sober!!"

unklbob8 ,

Loving Sober

Jay's book has been a life-changer. Through the use of the principals and the daily meditation practice, my wife and I have come to a new and much deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. We now have real conversations! Who knew?

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