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Lucia Jordan is proud to release a new outstanding collection containing four of her Bestselling Series. 


Leaving her previous life as a big-money banker behind, Julie now leads a quiet life as the owner of an inn on the island of Heaven’s Lake. Her life is a settled one of few surprises – that is until the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on, who’s close to physical perfection, turns up at her inn. His name is Cole, and he immediately steals the show – leaving hearts fluttering and panties melting all across town. Julie can’t help but feel afraid of him—she isn’t used to dealing with such attractive men. Still, Cole has an eye for Julie, and he’s pretty sure she’s got her eyes on him, too. He has ideas for her, if he could only get a moment alone with her. With a coastal storm approaching, Julie finds that her inn has emptied out, leaving only one guest—the man she can’t help but hunger after. But will Cole find his moment alone with Julie? Will Julie allow herself to succumb to the deeper desires she has? And what will happen when Cole’s stay is up? 


Two lovers. A lot of miles and one wild ride… 

Caryn is stuck at work without a way home. Mason has a car and is willing to help her out. Carpooling is the best solution to ensure that she doesn’t get stranded again, but miles and miles of alone time can make things intensely intimate. Mason is in the driver’s seat, and he’s prepared to take her wherever she wants to go—so long as she obeys him along the way. 


Rob is the perfect man, so perfect that Danica finds herself wishing that they weren’t just pretending in their relationship, that he was more then the ‘fake-date’ she needed to attend her best friends wedding. After the rehearsal dinner, where Rob charms Danica and her family in equal measure, the pair engage in a night of adventurous pleasure like nothing Danica ever dreamt possible. The experience is crazy—hot and dangerous—and she finds herself falling over the edge of ecstasy time and time again. But is Rob too good to be true? 


The first email, signed Master, sent her desires spiraling out of control… 

Victoria hasn’t even seen his face, yet dreams of the sultry kisses he promises. She doesn’t even know what he sounds like, but can almost hear him whispering commands in her ear. His typed words are alive in her body, and she can't tolerate the torment anymore. Just like he asked, she wants to be tied up helplessly. Just like he asked, she wants to kneel at his feet and present to him reverently. She isn’t scared of his dark fantasies, but there’s one thing that makes her throat dry up with apprehension – that he might not be a stranger at all. 

Only mature readers should download this book.

Fiction & Literature
April 17
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