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New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown delivers her special southern sass in this heartwarming tale about a second chance at true love.

Beau hasn’t got a lick of sense when it comes to women

Everything hunky rancher “Lucky” Beau Luckadeau touches turns to gold—except relationships. He’s gone and lost track of the woman of his dreams, and now he’s got himself tied up with a gold-digger...

Milli can mend a fence, pull a calf, or shoot a rattlesnake between the eyes

When spitfire Milli Torres shows up to help out at the Lazy Z ranch, she’s horrified to find that her nearest neighbor is Beau Luckadeau—the very man she’d hoped never to lay eyes on again. And if Beau ever figures out what really happened on that steamy Louisiana night when they first met, there’ll be the devil to pay...

Lucky Cowboys:

Lucky in Love (Book 1)

One Lucky Cowboy (Book 2)

Getting Lucky (Book 3)

Talk Cowboy to Me (Book 4)

September 1
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Customer Reviews

Thing1law ,


The author writes well but the characters were not really likable. Milli is selfish up until midway through the book so she was annoying. Once she got over her selfishness she was okay. Beau is supposed to be a gentleman so he is willing to marry a woman he does not love simply because he gave his word; yet, he was not a gentleman when he caught Milli skinny dipping and was asked to avert his eyes while she got dressed.

The author, for some unknown reason, tells the story from everyone’s point of view. The point of view changes during conversations. The author does not wait for a new chapter to switch views or use asterisks. She simply begins a new view point during conversations which was weird.

I only finished the book because I started it.

Mecksters ,

Worth the Read

It's a sweet story but there were a few inconsistencies that bugged me. And it was a little far fetched during the scenes with the ex-girlfriend and ex-boyfriend but I must say there were fewer typos in this book than most of the free e-books. No hot sex scenes just a fairly decent story.

Vla2015 ,

Not her best work

I usually like cowboy romances by this author but this one fell short. The main characters were so stubborn and I didnt like that Beau kept saying he was maling the biggest mistake of this life but prefered to live miserably then to break up. Not logical. I also didnt like how Milli said she was cheap just because she slept with one man. It was all a bit old fashioned for me.

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