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Luna Raccoon is a playful, positive story for the young and young at heart about three friends, Luna Raccoon, Atticus Rabbit (Atty), and Mouse. Through the silliness of young friends and the excitement of a little adventure, “Luna Raccoon” reinforces the valuable human qualities of friendship and trust, belief in oneself, creativity, and imagination.

Luna Raccoon comes alive with the beautiful watercolor illustrations of Christiane Gozashti and Ray Porter's brilliant narration, with unique characterizations for each of the story's three friends.

"Luna Raccoon is a heartwarming story of three friends who help one another through things that seem big to a child and unnoticeable to an adult. Though these characters are all very different, they all worry and wonder about things a young child worries and wonders about. Their friendship is the kind of homey, down-to-earth friendship we all depend on. Together, they experience each other’s hopes and dreams and solve problems along the way. My three and six year olds have listened to this story over and over and experience something new each time. Luna Raccoon will make big people remember their childhoods and leave little people wanting to learn more about their good friends, Luna, Atty and Mouse.”  

-- Kylah Rush, 6th Grade Teacher

Young Adult
June 19
David Wilson
David Allan Wilson
Grades P-5

Customer Reviews

Jim Hurlburt ,

Luna Raccoon

Adorable & adventuress!! My 8yr old & I found this story to be inspiring! Loved how luna was always so positive & brought assurance, safety & comfort to her friends!! Love the green cheese reference to the moon & the friendship poem Toora Loora Luna most!! The graphics were eye catching, yet simple & the narration was awesome!! Looking forward to the next one!! Some talented people here!! Loved it!! - Jennifer & Riley

kaleemaree ,

Luna Racoon

Very entertaining for a wide age group.
Great story with illustrations that go very well with the narration!
Love it!

Jose Muldoon ,

Enchanting story for any age

A fantastic tale that is enjoyable for any age. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be buying it for my daughter on her 10th birthday for her iPad.

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