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M4 has been developed in the church-planting environment of Norway. The National Church Planting Network of Norway is a support network consisting of people who recognize that when we work together as the body of Christ, we will see living churches established in all ethnic, cultural and geographic areas of a nation.

The contributing authors of this book are, in one way or another, involved with the National Church Planting Network of Norway. We’ve collectively read hundreds of books about church planting, leadership, and pioneer work. We believe that knowledge is a good thing, but action based on what we’ve learned is even better. Faith grows only through obedience. 

In the English version M4 part 2, “Multiplication and Movement” we have the privelegie to have Dietrich Schindler as a co aouther. He is writing about Jesus movemen in europe and draws from all his expireience an knowledge from the five churchplants he has been a part of and from his leadership of churchplanting in the Freie Evangelishe geminde in Germany.

M4 is developed as a process tool, and we want to encourage you to be accountable to take action. With a clear foundation in the Word of God combined with the personal experience of the authors, M4 will help you reflect and act on central issues that are relevant for all church planters. If you have a dream to start something new, M4 is a tool to help you realize your dream.

We are thankful for the pioneers that have gone before us and showed us the way. They have guided and inspired us to follow the call of God on our own lives, which is to establish churches that reach out and save people for the kingdom of God. We feel privileged and thankful to be part of the ever-expanding kingdom of God.

Religion & Spirituality
April 30
DAWN Norway
Martin Morfjord

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