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Zero to Sixty

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Macro photography, the art of shooting objects up-close and capturing exquisite detail, has become one of the most popular interests of photography enthusiasts.  In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to create beautiful up-close imagery.  This book includes easy-to-follow chapters on how to make an image truly macro, proper exposure theory, lighting techniques, putting equipment and skills to use, and shooting images of products for online sales.  You’ll follow along in a practical shoot as I move from conception to procedure, and finally, to finished image.  Whether you are a newcomer to photography or have been a hobbyist for years, this book will take your macro photography from zero to sixty.

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November 6
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S Adelstein ,

Experience Macro Acceleration

Joe Klocek’s first published volume within the picture-taking universe, Macro Photography – Zero to Sixty, quickly brings the reader up to speed on shooting subjects up close. Even though this is Klocek’s first book, his scholarship and experience as a photography professional, instructor, and lecturer is abundantly evident.

This is not an exhaustive investigation of the genre, and probably wasn’t intended as such. Nonetheless, Klocek does an excellent job of not only explaining how to shoot macro, but also delves into the reasons why things are the way they are in the microscopic world of macro photography. At 97 pages, the book is relatively short for an instructional manuscript, but sufficiently detailed with an abundance of sample illustrations.

Macro photography is a specialized form of photography with its own set of rules that requires the student to learn new techniques. The material in this book is economically encompassing, yet expansive and detailed enough to deliver on the title’s objective. Mr. Klocek methodically goes beyond the simplified basics of fundamental photographic principles - he coherently weaves together discussions comprising theory, technology, and an applied approach to shooting close up.

The text opens with a short self-introduction where Klocek also lays out his goals for the book. He likewise encourages his readers to get out and shoot as well as explore their artistic abilities. Following the brief prologue are chapters addressing a wide variety of interrelated, macro-specific sub-topics including exposure, optics, depth-of-field, focusing, and lighting. Rounding out coverage of the subject title are step-by-step case studies in which Klocek details his own techniques for tackling indoor, outdoor, and artificially lit macro shoots. There is even a chapter on product photography directed at those interested in promoting merchandise or selling items online. As a result of Klocek’s effort to assemble and unify the building blocks for a working knowledge of this art form, one comes away with an integrated understanding of the fundamental concepts that enables the reader to embark on their own macro adventures.

In this premier edition, Klocek succeeds in applying a straight forward style in this practical examination of macro photography with a seamless and orderly treatment of one of the lesser-practiced and often overlooked categories of photography. Consequently, this well thought-out presentation is accessible to both novice and seasoned photographers alike. Avid shutterbugs who want to swiftly learn the essentials of macro photography should anticipate having their expectations realized in Zero to Sixty.

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