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An Introduction To Macro & Close-Up Photography, part of the DSLR Fundamentals series, is an eBook written specifically for those interested in learning more about the basics of macro and close-up photography.  The book uses text, videos, diagrams, graphs, and charts to explain and teach a variety of concepts such as:

- Understanding the difference between macro and close-up photography

- Choosing dedicated macro equipment and learning how to use it

- Modifying existing equipment for macro and close-up photography using reversing rings, extension tubes, macro couplers, and diopters

- Creating on-camera, off-camera, and external lighting solutions

- Do-It-Yourself projects for creating a variety of reflectors and diffusers

- Learning an array of macro and close-up shooting techniques

- Mastering the fundamental issues of shooting macro and close-up, such as depth of field, natural and artificial lighting, proper exposure, subject and camera movement, and principles of light and shadow

- Employing elements of art and style for better bokeh, creative focus, unique perspective, inventive exposure, and proper composition

- Processing macro and close-up photographs using editing software

The volume also includes information and links to useful gadgets, equipment, graphics, and online communities relevant to macro and close-up photography.

If you're a new or established photographer, someone interested in a different genre of photography, or someone who has an interest in shooting close-ups, this book will help you learn the basics needed to take beautiful macro and close-up photos.

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November 16
Liberated Media, LLC
Liberated Media, LLC

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