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Book Three in the Maggie Kelly Mystery Series by New York Times Bestselling Author Kasey Michaels.

Publishers Weekly: “An audacious premise with deliciously funny results.”

Maggie Kelly writes a best selling Regency Era-set mystery series starring her handsome, witty hero, Alexandre Blake, Viscount St. Just. This works very well, or at least it did until St. Just somehow managed to make the leap between fiction and her New York apartment. He even brought along his sidekick, Sterling Balder, and apparently they have no intention to return to the pages of her books. 

And that's not even the strangest thing happening in Maggie's once dull but reasonably normal life. Ever since St. Just's arrival, dead bodies have had a habit of showing up, and St. Just, who truly believes he is a brilliant amateur detective, always insists he will solve the crimes. And with little regards for rules, something that Maggie's new boyfriend, police Lieutenant Steve Wendell says is beginning to get on his nerves. 

This time the body -- murder needs a body -- is found in the bed of Maggie's editor, Bernie Toland-James, who woke up to the sight of the man who presumably had been dead for seven years. Move Bernie to the top of the suspect list. 

But there's more. St. Just and Sterling have managed to snag a rent controlled apartment directly across the hall from Maggie's, and somebody has broken in, throwing the place into a shambles before leaving a threatening note. Then, yes, there's even more. Sterling, sweet Sterling, has disappeared, been kidnapped. St. Just is incensed, and rightly so. 

Still suffering from nicotine withdrawal, and with a book deadline rushing toward her, Maggie is caught between worry for her friend Bernie and near terror over Sterling's disappearance, all while she is stuck in the middle ... without a clue.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 2
Kathryn Seidick
Kathryn Seidick

Customer Reviews

Lisaduhaime ,


I am an ARC reader. I read this book freely . This is the 3rd book in the Maggie series. It can be read as a stand alone book, although it would be helpful to have read the other 2. Maggie is a writer. She developed her characters so well they popped into her life and her home. Her 2 main characters have all the qualities that she wished she had. Together they solve mysteries. Kasey Michaels is such a wonderfully talented writer. They is so much depth in the plot. As I read this book last night I kept thinking about the presidential debate that most of us watched. There on the screen is a man larger than life who is crude brash arrogant and self centered. While I am thinking how could this man ever represent America I was thinking of what kasey is really writing in her book. Contrary to what is on tv kasey has given her readers a man who above all has manners,shows respect is loving and loyal all with quiet elegance. Because of this he gets respect back. In this world man is choosing to loose these qualities. This story
is so relevant to what is happening now in our world. As a teacher of 36 yrs the most important lesson I could teach my children was manners. Many times I told them it was their greatest weapon. This story is a great story. It is so much more than a mystery romance. Please read it , tell your friends to read it have your teenagers read it!!!

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