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Modern art dealer Granville Hardwick has a way with people -- a way of making them wish he were dead. His London gallery is filled with works of questionable merit, his dating pool consists of other men's wives, and his home is the eyesore of a fine old neighborhood. The neighborhood of Scotland Yard's Chief Superintendent Tony Hetheridge, as a matter of fact. So when Hardwick turns up dead, bashed on the head by a rather tasteless reproduction, it's Hetheridge and his new bride, Kate, who embark on solving the case.


When he married Kate, Tony expected things to be different. But with Kate's ne'er-do-well relatives making trouble on the home front, and his own enemies attacking from within Scotland Yard, the case of the dead art dealer and three unfaithful wives might do more than change Mayfair. It might change Lord and Lady Hetheridge forever.

Return to the world of Ice Blue in Black & Blue, the fourth in the New York Times bestselling Lord & Lady Hetheridge mystery series, which readers call "witty," "packed with interesting characters," and "consistently entertaining.

Emma Jameson's BLUE series:

#1 Ice Blue

#2 Blue Murder

#3 Something Blue

#4 Black & Blue

#5 Blue Blooded

#6 Blue Christmas

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 12
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Stephanie Abbott

Customer Reviews

LALAN2500 ,

Black and Blue

Great book!

JSSIndy ,

Black and Blue

Fun mystery that kept me guessing all the way through! I missed! Well done English style mystery.

dollsrus ,

Marriage & Changes

I have really enjoyed this series featuring Tony and Kate as they solve crimes for Scotland Yard and adjust to their relationship. The cast of characters continues to grow but your favorites make their appearances as well.

The series has a charm and a sense of fun. It is much more focused on the characters than the crimes they solve. Tony and Kate are newlyweds and the new marriage is causing some issues at home and at work. Some of the people at Scotland Yard are not happy with the marriage and they have been letting Tony know their feelings. He has kept it all from Kate and it is now hitting the fan. They also are dealing with her mother and sister who are enjoying the publicity that is coming their way and using poor Henry as a tool to make Kate and Tony look bad.

This time a neighbor is murdered and the suspect has a connection to them. The victim is not a nice man and enjoys dating married women as well as being involved in the drug trade so he has more than one enemy. His former sister-in-law is quite a character and a strong suspect as well.

The ending makes me excited for the next story for them all. There are a lot of changes to come.

I received a copy in return for a honest review

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