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By Michael Baisden

In “Maintenance Man II: Money, Politics and Sex…Everyone Has A Price” Baisden builds upon the saga of his former main character, Malcolm Tremell, a gigolo who first came to life in Baisden’s 1999 release “The Maintenance Man.” “The Maintenance Man” saw the author gain notoriety for unapologetically disclosing the lifestyle of a man who rendezvoused for pay with married women. The original “Maintenance Man” followed a litany of releases, including “Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat,” and “Men Cry in the Dark” and solidified his stance as one of the most successful self-published male authors on the literary scene. 

With “Maintenance Man II,” Baisden broadens the storyline as Tremell comes out of retirement to not only rebuild his contact list of high-end female clientele, but also franchise a male escort service worldwide. Intrigue, drama and danger quickly come into play when Tremell liaisons with the wife of a powerful and corrupt Republican senator. When they unwittingly uncover the senator’s underhanded deal with the powerful Kross brothers for political control, Tremell will have to tap his military training and street smarts to not only save his life, but also those closest to him.

Baisden, once again educates as he entertains, brilliantly engaging his readers. Utilizing Malcolm Tremell as the ultimate Renaissance man protagonist, he brazenly unveils several harsh and dark realities behind the current political process. He skillfully touches on some of the most critical political issues to date, including voter suppression as well as corporate greed, seamlessly interspersing them between a romantic and politically charged plot. The novel’s tone is captivating and inviting, whisking the reader into a non-stop escapade of sex, action and adventure.

After years of being out of the gigolo lifestyle, Malcolm has to rebuild his list of contacts and high-end clientele. But he still has his good looks, his Rolodex, and his reputation. This time he vows that nothing will stand in his way of getting back on top and creating a franchise of escort services worldwide. He disguises his gigolo lifestyle as a nightclub owner in Miami—the perfect cover to mix business with pleasure.

But with high rewards come high risks. Malcolm’s world is turned upside down when he begins a relationship with Alex Nelson, the wife of a powerful and corrupt U.S. Senator. When Alex and Malcolm are suspected of knowing too much about an unscrupulous billion-dollar deal they suddenly becomes targets. He will need all of his military training and street smarts to get his life back and to get revenge!

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May 10

Customer Reviews

Jfaulkne ,

Maintenance Man II

This book had very little to do with sex, or "Maintenance" but a lot of action. I will admit its not what I expected. It was a good read but over rated. I would recommend this book, if you are into reading action novels.

Cottonbunny ,

Page Turner

This book will definitely draw you in wanting more!! I would love to see this book on the big screen!!

Ms T Jordan ,

Maintenance Man II

I have a very good memory, and I don't recall that Malcolm was a Navy Seal, I think it is ridiculous to transform him into this now, he was basically a killer, and assassin. It was such a huge stretch. Like who forgets to mention I was a Navy Seal!!! He (Michael Baisden) should have just created another story line. It was an ok read, but I kept getting distracted trying to think of Malcolm as killer, and the politics, just an overflow from the election. Would have been better with a new title and cast of characters.

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