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Achieving success, happiness, and inner peace only happens when you stop trying to mold yourself into other people’s expectations.  It’s ok to take advice from friends and family about starting a business or improving your relationship, but the key to winning in life is learning how to think for yourself and set your own boundaries.  “As a college drop out, former Air Force Sergeant, single parent and transit worker from the south side of Chicago, I wanted my life to mean something.  That opportunity came when I stepped out on faith to live my dream.  That courageous step resulted in 5 best selling books, a national radio show airing in 100 cities, 2 national TV shows, mentoring partnerships and social activism.  Those things never would have happened if I didn’t learn to become an expert at managing my own life, my own business and my own journey!  Stop trying to fit into someone else’s box.  Dare to be different and create a unique life that works best for you!”  ~Michael Baisden


Michael Baisden is undeniably one of the most influential and engaging personalities in radio history. His meteoric rise to #1 redefined radio with a syndicated show heard in nearly 100 cities with millions of listeners.  As a college drop out, ex Air force airman, single parent, and transit worker from the south side of Chicago, he wanted his life to mean something. That opportunity came when he stepped out on faith to live his dream of becoming a writer. That courageous step resulted in five best selling books with nearly 2 million in print and 2 stage plays.  He is a renowned radio personality, noted speaker, TV show host, film producer, social activist, philanthropist and has a mentoring partnership with BBBS.  He just launched a national mentoring initiative called “One Dream One Team” in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters to recruit 12,000 Male Mentors.  www.BaisdenLive.com

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October 22

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Phat girl from Atlanta ,

Book review

Michael thanks for writing this book, "Raise your hand if you have issues". This book has given me the courage to live my life as a single black women in you mid fifties. I love the single life because I am free to do whatever I want to when I want to. There are a few new things that I learned from reading this book. One is that I should not demand that a man have qualities that I do not have. Number two time is a commodity that I can not afford to waste. At my age I need to make everyday count by doing something positive with my life

oldben55 ,

Harrison B. Slayden Jr.

I have not read the book yet, but from the preview writings that I have red is that I am exciting about getting the book to read. I am also from Chicago on the south side. I was brought up in Robert Taylor Homes in1962, before it got rowdy. I am in college now to receive my Bachelor's degree in business science management; with 10 classes left. I pray everyday to God so I may received my degree, it's not easy. I commend you on keep on keeping on, that's groovy! I will be picking up the book to further my goals in life as you did. Not to give up is my motto.

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