Major Pentatonic Scales

A play-along practice guide for virtually any instrument

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Do you find scales boring to practice and hard to memorise? 

Not any more with these interactive play-along practice guides that are fun to use and offer a simple system to learn any scale in all 12 keys. 

Do you find the sheer number of scales you have to practice overwhelming? Not any more when you learn the number system and understand what connects them all.  

Do you find it hard to motivate your students to practice their scales? Not any more with this interactive play-along series that is engaging, fun to use and levels up as your students improve their skills. 

The music grade system, that most students learn by, teaches F major at grade 1 and F# major at grade 4, about 3 years later! The consequence is that the scales are all learned separately, with great gaps in between. Not surprisingly, the student often does not understand how the scales are connected and can be overwhelmed by how many different scales there are to learn. Learning all 12 versions together, using the interval sequence and number system, helps the student understand how scales work and that the different keys are just 12 versions of the same thing. 

The embedded audio files helps you to learn the “sound” of the scale, not just the theory and notation. And again, having all 12 versions together helps you make the connection how they all sound the same. 

Playing along with the embedded audio files helps you to hear if you play a wrong note, but also, and most importantly, will improve your time keeping. All too often students will speed up on bits of the scale they know and slow down on the bits they don’t know so well. Its important to practice scales at a constant pulse and playing along with the audio files will stop those bad habits. 

Developed for all experience levels this series of scale practice guides explains how each scale works and teaches the interval sequence and number system which simplifies the process of learning scales in all 12 keys and shows how they all connect to each other. 

Don’t just memorise the scales… understand them! 

Suitable for almost any instrument, this book contains Concert Pitch, Bb Pitch, Eb Pitch and Bass Clef notation for every scale and arpeggio exercise in all 12 keys.

This book also includes embedded play-along audio files for every scale and arpeggio exercise in every key, instantly available at a touch of the screen, at different tempos that level up as you improve your skills. The interactivity of these digital books makes using them feel more like an app than a book, making them much more engaging for students. 

144 notated exercises included

576 embedded play-along audio tracks included

These guides offer a structured practice routine, which allow you to dive right in, and the increasing tempos give a good measure of progress. 

This interactive series of scales practice guides by award-winning musician and educator Buster Birch could be just what you are looking for. 

Download your copy now and get inspired to learn your scales in all 12 keys today! 

    August 29
    Savvy Interactive Music Publishing
    Buster Birch

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