Learn to Write Markdown for Better Web Content and Rich Text

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Markdown started as a clever way to write for the web but has become so much more. This book demystifies Markdown, making it easy for anybody to learn. This book includes 130 pages, 27 screencasts with over one and half hours of video, and an additional hour of audio interviews. You can go from no knowledge to Markdown pro. It will change the way you write forever.

Chapters include:

Chapter 1 - Why Markdown

Learn why Markdown is such a big deal and why you need to learn it.

Chapter 2 - Markdown Basics

This is a complete guide to Markdown syntax with cheat sheets and video screencasts for every major component.

Chapters 3-6 - Markdown on the Mac, PC, iOS, and the web

Get a hands on guide to some of the best apps for writing Markdown on every platform with written guides, automation tools, screenshots, and extensive video tutorials.

Chapter 7 - Advanced Markdown

Markdown has grown and there are several advanced techniques for getting even more out of Markdown including a guide and video tutorial for writing with MultiMarkdown,  including footnotes, tables, and metadata. There are also recommendations for additional advanced third party apps and even track changes.

Chapter 8 - Markdown Workflows

The authors interview several Markdown power users including Merlin Mann, Fletcher Penney, Brett Terpstra, Federico Viticci, and Gabe Weatherhead with over an hour of audio interviews about how they use Markdown.

This is the first book in the MacSparky Field Guide Series. This book is a large file (850 MB) and includes over one and a half hours of video and one hour of audio. This books runs on all versions of the iPad.

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    March 25
    David Sparks
    David Sparks

    Customer Reviews

    inkedmn ,

    Old dog, new Markdown tricks

    I've been a pretty rabid user of Markdown for the past few years, but even I picked up some new tricks (don't miss the Advanced Markdown section — it'll curl your hair). If you write prose anywhere that uses a keyboard, you should be using Markdown. If you want to learn Markdown, this book is all you need. Period.

    kram^78 ,

    Not worth it.

    If you already use Markdown then you'll find this book extremeley disappointing. The content is nothing more than a few blog posts strung together and really not worth $9.99 ($2.99 at best). Save yourself the trouble and Google "markdown". The top 10 results cover pretty much everything in this e-book.

    waxwing1 ,

    On my way to Markdown Ninjaness

    I've been playing with Markdown for a few months. I know most of the basics and have bookmarked links to several of the common sites for markdown syntax. David Sparks, however, has a way of taking relatively dry information and presenting it in a clear, often entertaining way that just works for me. He makes great use of the iBooks format with dozens of short video demonstrations. Is it worth $10? You've got to judge that for yourself. For me, just seeing the demo on using the MD service tools to capture URL from all open browser tabs and automagically creating reference links in the app of my choice will save me $10 of my time after one use. Wow! Not only do I think the book is worth $10, I've already gifted it to two friends. Nice work David and Eddie.

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