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60 Mac Tips is a carefully built list of tips and tricks to make you more efficient on your Mac . With 53 screencasts and over 1.5 hours of embedded video, the book explains why each trick is special and most include a screencast showing you how to perform it on your very own Mac. Carefully paced, this book takes intermediate and beginner Mac users and turns them into Mac power users.

Chapters Include:

1. OS X Tips

Master Mission Control, demystify proxy icons, replace your icons, build your own automator scripts, and more.

2. Mail Tips

Learn tips that will change how you use Apple Mail.

3. Spotlight Tips

That little magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of your Mac can do a lot more than you think.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn little known keyboard shortcuts and create your own so you can fly on your Mac. 

5. Terminal Tips

Does the Terminal seem like some dark and ominous corner of your Mac that mere mortals should avoid? Not anymore. Learn how to tweak your Mac with terminal commands.

6. Third-Party Apps

Watch screencasts showing how to get the most out of some of the best Mac utilities.

After reading and watching these tips and tricks, you'll be more efficient on your Mac than ever. 

This book is part of the MacSparky Field Guide series, designed to empower Mac users with great information delivered with fun and panache.

Computers & Internet
October 1
Sparky Media, LLC
David Sparks

Customer Reviews

Joe PDR ,

Great book for any level user

I've become an avid MPU listener over the past few months - even digging back deep into the archives - and I eagerly await every screencast that Macsparky posts to Vimeo (if you haven't seen them, you definitely need to check them out). The mail management tips alone are worth the price of admission.

I fancy myself something of a mac expert and so was initially hesitant to make the purchase, but this book has helped me raise my game. And the iBooks platform is the ideal platform to showcase this type of content.

Thanks David and Brett!

wyodave ,

Well worth it

I’m a long time Mac user and IT professional and I learned some new things from this excellent book. The format works extremely well.

michgunn ,

Super Ninja Tricks!

What a fantastic collection of tips and tricks! I learned something new on every page, and I'm a pretty seasoned Mac user.

Love the mix of reading and screencasts. It's a very engaging way to present information. Super clear and easy to follow along.

I only wish there was more! :)

Thanks for another great book, David and Brett!

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