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Martha and Arthur have a wonderful time,

spending their lives in a world of rhyme.

The gentle dragons are on a quest

to always improve and be their best.

Today they learn that feelings of sadness

can become feelings of gladness.

In this book, our usually-happy dragons are decidedly grumpy (“they had made a sauce, but it was lumpy.”) Luckily, a friendly mole pops-up and alerts them to the fact that the sauce is still delicious. Realizing that there is often another way of feeling about things, they share a number of situations where they each turn a feeling of sadness into a feeling of gladness: “Martha feels sadness. It is time for school… Martha feels gladness. Learning is cool.”

Features of this kids’ picture book:

• Martha and Arthur are super-cute, friendly, dragons.

• The illustrations cover every page and are big, bold, brightly colored, and simply adorable!

• The text is large and accessible.

• Simple, easy-to-read, rhyme is used throughout - not only is this fun for you and your child; there is a wealth of study supporting the educational benefits of this for early learning. (Way too much to list here.)

• The repetition of turning bad situations into good ones will help your child learn and practice mindfulness - making them more likely to view life’s ‘problems’ with a new perspective. 

• The content is suitable for reading to babies, preschool, and kindergarten children.

• The book has been reviewed, approved, and praised by a professional child psychologist and several primary school teachers, each with over 20 years of experience.

• This book is part of a series of Martha and Arthur educational works, which have been crafted to teach basic early learning skills to children and can be read in any order.

• Whether you are looking for bedtime stories or books that can help you to entertain and educate your child during the daytime, the Martha and Arthur series is here to help!

Please take advantage of the introductory price and treat your child today!

December 1
Fable Fantablico

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